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I dont get it.

But I hate it.

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The one thing is a literal straw-man.

That's all I've got past that. Anything the...shemale? said I kind of just got sleepy while reading.

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How dare you assume that strawperson's gender.

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Wait. What the fuck?

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Let me be special too!

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And that, kids, is why they always have hair dye and dumb-looking haircuts.

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4 years ago, I was this person. "Just let me be anything other than a cis-female" I cried to myself and friends. Shit, I'm so glad I ate the blue pill and got away from those fags and libtards. My younger self sometimes makes me want to vomit.

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So let's see if I'm getting this right with the whole "gender dysphoria does not equal transgenderism" things.

  • Transgender = I'm a faggot who wants the advantages of the opposite gender of mine
  • Gender dysphoria = I'm a particularly mentally ill faggot who hates my own body and thinks that getting another gender would solve my mental illness.

Is that right?

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From their owns words: Gender = a role in society. Thus, 'Man' is what a male does.

What that means: transgender = a male doing stuff a female does, like biting the pillow.

Gender Dysphoria = I hate my penis/vagina, and I'm sad about it.

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So when they talk about toxic masculinity, what they're really doing is making a definition of what they perceive as being manly, and then hating on it. Sigh fuck it, I give up, I can't follow along on their logic, it makes me dizzy and mentally ill just to try and follow this weird logic.

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They've been working to change that book constantly. They've already had some of the faggy shit removed. Not long until gender dysphoria is an illegal word.