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Yep. This kid will have a fucked up life and stagger from one mental illness to the next. All because Mommy was fucked in the head.and took it out in the kid vicariously and Daddy was too much of a puss to speak up.

edit Editing my comment to share this link from counterpart thread on Plebbit. First time I've felt some faith in humanity for a while.



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*Mommies: plural.

...and that's the problem.


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"Dear nosy parent,

Unless your child is proven to have a disability they will be treated the same as goddamn everybody else"


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Poor little bastard already has the thousand yard stare. You can't cram that many years of SJW bullshit down a child's throat


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I disagree. The 1000 yard stare has an desperation to it he doesn't have.

That smile and those eyes remind me of a different kind of stare...


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I think I agree with this. Also, the kid kind of reminds me of this other gender-fluid dude I saw in a movie, once.


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The kid looks brainwashed.


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Looks like a normal kid. Chances are the mom just wants a "special" kid to use for virtue signaling.

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I chose to go live with my mom when I was 10, now @ 33 I often realize this about some of the learned behaviors I exhibit.

I went back to my dads around 15yrs old and had to rly reajust being around my brothers whom I'd only see on weekends for 5 years. I had suffered a partial pussyfication, I was more emotional and less rational about certain things. Had trouble with relationships for a while because I always thought that being open, caring & sensitive was wished upon by most women... nope, just women like my mom, to many I came across as soft & weak.

On the plus side, I'm a pretty decent cook who can sew and knit his own clothes, fold laundry properly & talk about touchy-feely things. Not bad for a hairy welder& machinist !


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I miss the days when parents trying to validate themselves vicariously through their kids would just be loud at sporting events. This is literally outsourcing mental illness.

The long term consequences of this for society, as thousands of individuals like this poor kid struggle for the rest of their lives, makes me sad.


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The note says that he still uses the pronoun "he" in reference to himself, so I'm with you, the mother is just forcing this on him.


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These parents are destroying their childrens' futures.


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Absolutely Disgusting.

There are 2 genders. There is no other way about it.

But you already know that, i just need comment points so i can do more than 10 upvotes per 24 hours.


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I've never used the pronoun "he" while referring to myself. For example I'd never say "he" likes baseball when talking about myself. I don't refer to myself in the third person. Also fuck these people.


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I had a SJW friend that decided to raise her son gender neutral. Play with dolls okay, sweet and nice was all he was exposed to. One day she gave him a protracter and a right angle. Science! He picked up the right angle pointed it at her and said "pew, pew" that's the moment she realized boys and girls are different. She raised him as a boy from then on.

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When I was little my parents avoided getting me toy guns until they realized toy guns were 90% of what I was building with Lego.

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