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Or it could be cause we're not fucking gay. Any train wreck that traps someone like that ought to feel fortunate that they weren't beaten within an inch of their life by the person they deceived.

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we, as individuals living in a transphobic world, should question ourselves why we like what we like, and why we don't like what we don't like, because it's possible that we are missing something.

While I'm not against people taking a moment to be introspective, this just sounds like someone who wants to argue and debate someone into liking them only because feel like they should be liked. And whatever things there are that make this person so unlikable ought to not matter so much because they inconveniently make the person unlikable.

Near as I can see, it's not any different than any other story of unrequited love that happens to almost everybody at some point. Even right down to the sense of entitlement and delusions of worthiness.

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Sounds about right. And, like most people who want to dictate what others are allowed to find attractive, they're making deliberate choices to remove themselves from the norm and then blaming others for not considering them normal.

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Saying they like girls means they like women, not men or eunuchs.

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Uhhhh... That's biology telling you something is wrong.

When your stomach rumbles and hurts, you're hungry. Biology is saying, "EAT". When you yawn and can't seem to keep your eyes open, biology is saying, "SLEEP". When you find out that "lady" you want to procreate with has a penis and you begin to vomit uncontrollably and become repulsed by the sight of it, biology is telling you, "GET THE FUCK AWAY".

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I am sure lots of straight cis guys that only like vaginas wouldn't fuck a trans dude with a vagina


with a vagina

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there are no chicks with dicks, only guys with tits...

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Well, my cock likes vaginas, that's for sure.