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It's by far the hardest Touhou game yet. While I love all the characters I also hate the bosses for being so darn hard. I've yet to actually beat Doremy, so I've been watching other people square off against Clownpiece+.

So far I haven't understood a bit of the story other than Hectica, Junko, and Clownpiece all wanting to take down Chang'e for messing with the sun.


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(Yay, first post!)

Definitely the most difficult Touhou game so far. One of my friends went for Lunatic pointdevice and took more than 2600 retries to complete it. I've seen Jaimers91's replay on Youtube and he complained that while it is very difficult, the bullet patterns are unimaginative. I tend to agree.


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I suppose the bullet patters are unimaginative, but they are very effective at what they are designed to do: kill the player. The game also gives off a very different feel than the other games. It feels a lot like other bullet-hell shumps to me than previous games because of the faster bullets and patterns that require a lot more memorization, especially stage 5. You just kind of have to know where the bullets will come from since you don't have time to move into a good position if you do not.