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How did you get into Touhou,

My, and what I assume will be many others, anwser to this is 'Bad Apple' and 'Cirno's Perfect Math Class'. I'd seen something about Touhou about a decade prior when a Linux distro I installed came with a shmup, but didn't actually get in until around 2011 or so.

what's your favorite game

Perfect Cherry Blossom. It's the 'cleanest' feeling game, along with that it has 3 of my top 5 favorite characters.

your favorite character,

None other than The Ghostly Gardener!

your favorite musical arrangement

Toss up between Dead Silence and Seated with Liquor.

1) What previous experience do you have in moderating?

I moderated a few small WoW guilds (all <200 memebers), alongside some private forums.

2) What are you some things you'd like to see done, or projects you'd like to start as a moderator?

I'd like to try to get some CSS going, alongside expanding the subscriber base a bit.

3) Do you agree not to cause mass mischief and use your powers responsibly?

No mass mischief. No promises for minor mischief.


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What are some things you'd like to see done with the CSS specifically?

And Bad Apple! is a pretty good way to get into the fandom.


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Well, nothing concrete, but I'd like for there to be something at all. Touhou has always had an over the top kind of look to it, and it would be great being able to mix that with the very muted and minimal look of default Voat. I was thinking having something similar to the panes behind Score, Lives, Bombs, etc. in TH15, updating whenever new installations are released.

Bad Apple! is one of those rare things that can get people into a fanbase and remain amazing well into its life (nobody will look down on you for liking it). Check this version (by Lizz) out.