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There's nothing there for now bu I'm so proud of having it run as .onion only website! Gonna host my other services on other URLs, this is just a test to show people how easy it is.

The steps:

  • (Optional) Buy an hosting solution
  • Install and run tor ( just tor in the command line )
  • Run you service on
  • Modify you /etc/tor/torrc. Just uncomment 2 lines under the "hidden service" section
  • Restart tor and you're done! You hostname is generated in you the directory you put in the config


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This is good enough if you're not hosting anything you're afraid of someone coming back to you on (political, opinion or otherwise), but depending on what's serving up your pages (apache [not recommended], lighttpd or nginx) and doing anything more dynamic (mysql/php) some additional steps to harden your installation are definitely recommended. I'll contribute if someone more knowledgeable doesn't do so first.