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So diveristy leads to riots, violence, and murder. Weird how consistently this plays out, every time it's tried.

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All the so called "lies" about what would happen after niggers were set free have actually happened. Guess they were not lies then.

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Back when the jew york times had a spine and not a dildo.

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Jews owned almost ALL of the slaves in america and they ran the transatlantic slave trade

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https://archive.fo/Qqipv :

On This Day:  August 1, 1863

'By the hot summer of 1863, New York City was a smoldering cauldron of racial, class, religious, and political resentments. '

'How to Escape the Draft n July 13, 1863, anti-draft violence erupted in New York City, resulting in four days of bloodshed, arson, looting, and mayhem. '

'Similar anti-draft riots occurred in other Northern cities during the summer of 1863, but none as massive and destructive as the one in New York City. '

'The incident sparking the rampage in mid-July was the implementation of a military conscription law passed by Congress on March 3, 1863. ', "Meanwhile, Governor Seymour's legal ploy to stop the law's implementation was unsuccessful, and the draft's lottery began in New York City on Saturday, July 11."

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