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I find it noteworthy they mention the 6 million in 1946, I would have presumed that tallying up the total dead would have taken some time to complete.


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https://archive.fo/tSWXB :

Tapes reveal Jewish revenge plot to kill six million | Daily Mail Online

"Long-lost tapes reveal details of a foiled plan by the Jewish Avengers to kill six million Germans by poisoning the country's water supply in revenge for the Holocaust."

'The recordings - which have never been heard in public - are at the heart of a new documentary entitled Holocaust: The Revenge Plot, due to air on January 27. '

'Film maker Avi Merkado found ten tapes, buried in a museum in Israel, which detailed how a band of Jewish partisans formed after the Second World War. '

'They have also tracked down Kovner’s son Michael, and the son of Avengers Avi and Leopold Vassiman, known as Poldeck, who is now 93 and was responsible for financing the operation. '

'I thought there must be more, so I went to the Museum and went through his stuff and eventually found ten tapes. '

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If I were a Jew in Europe at the end of WW2, I would've been down for that. Just sayin.


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Where can you find that documentary?