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Parasites are the cause of hundreds of misdiagnosed ailments,” she claims, and recommends natural anti-parasite formulas in lieu of conventional toxic allopathic medications.>

Camouflaged lunatic detected.

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This nutjob site really ticks off all the boxes.

Vaccines are evil, big pharma wants to kill you, anything that's not "natural" is poisonous, people who disagree with them are "child killers"...

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Umm u need salmon for your omega nutrients. Just cook the damn thing

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That's reasonable. So sushi is out. Did you know omega nutrients come from plants also? Just sayin.

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Especially when it's from naturalnews.com

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You're an idiot.

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Judging by the average weight of americans i wouldnt think anything in the us would be safe to eat.

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Most salmon is farmed and therefore disgusting and toxic. Stay away unless you know for sure it is wild caught.

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Unless you buy it from a farm that isnt in polluted water but whatever...

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This site feels like fear mongering, the claims seem exaggerated. I wouldn't be worried about salmon even if it was weekly.

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I don't have time to do research but I can give you a tip for doing it. When you confine a large number of fish in a penned area (a farm) they all swim in their own excrement and diseases kill a lot of them. The solution is to dump lots of antibiotics into their living area. Which we ingest when we eat them. Try googling "farmed fish antibiotics".

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This documentary should help. I know it’s for Norwegian butane farms are similar in how they feed and give antibiotics