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I think last year I came across an article on a catholic blog site where the writer called users of birth control in all their forms cowards, to which I was inclined to agree even before they expanded on their topic with context.

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More and more i'm beginning to agree. If you can't have sex without a condom you shouldn't be having sex. It's that simple.

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Why? Why is it desirable to force people to pay for kids they can't afford, and how is it beneficial for men to make sex more costly?

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After I made this realization, I realized that females of my generation and younger were lost if they lived in cities for any period of time, and worse if they were left unsupervised in the rural and suburban areas.

edit: Having spent time reflecting on this subject, you're absolutely right.

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Who do you think invented the Jew-Rubber? the pill?

it's not a coincidence...

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Yes the Jew invented condoms and that's why it's called the Trojan. In plain sight

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You notice the latest trojan man is a full blown soyboy kike? It’s sick

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Yeah, some “sensual” faggot fucking Richard Simmons wannabe.