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i have to admit i like what the mormons outlook is

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They aren't as dumb as their religion leads you to believe

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Their leaders are smart and rake in the $$$$; they are also the one to make the plans

the followers....

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theyre a cult. But they stick together. On a side note. Bro. My arms are getting ridiculous! I gotta find my tape measure. I bet theyre 20" now! They actually look big to me.

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Just look at gun shows. You think allllll thoes people are just collectors? Americans have been consciously been arming up since 2008.

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Yes, although how quickly did S. African's give up their guns after a ban was made? I have no answer, just the question.

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They didn't have a choice. When the non whites were given voting privileges the ANC pretty much told blacks to vote as they were instructed to, or else. As most black households are female dominated and females function under a different psychology to males, they chose to submit and conform as the ANC was willing and able to use deadly force blindly against their own people.

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The US has faced communist revolution since the 60s, that's where the "gun culture" came from. For quite a few gun owners it isn't just about protecting from home invasions, it's also about government tyranny. I have no doubt in my mind that a total gun control law will be shoved down our throats in the near future. However, people will not give up our guns and the (((system))) knows it. They will likely not even have a gun grab, they will just tak on the gun law to whatever law you break similar the the US's hate crime laws. If they ever tried a gun grab, they would be facing a civil war within the week, in not the day.

The jews hate that they have to use kiddie gloves when dealing with the US, but they will. They will only proceed to take an inch instead of the mile they want to take. People will not give up their guns here. Ever.

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Welcome to fourth-generation warfare, where everyone and everything is a viable target and means by which warfare maybe engaged.

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I have a book of fourth gen warfare I should read it and you're 100% correct

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To survive the future ahead western wolves will have little to no choice, but to learn, master, and adapt the implementation of rabbit tactics into wolf beneficial strategies. This will mean the employment of willful deception. Allying with individuals who express the same psychology regardless of ethnicity, the only exceptions for exclusion being females, the Chinese, Koreans, the Jewish, and Muslims, as well as be willing to conduct discrete extreme actions that can be ruled out as less than suspicious to law enforcement.

In essence, the civilian wolf must learn the art of war and be prepared to spill blood, when necessary with discretion. He must become every bit the monster the leftist fears him to be and more.