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I just went to his site nad got teh lifes work deal for $35, seems like a good price since I plan on traveling to some of his countries written about... Really wanted to read day bang and Game as well.I read BANG but was disappointed, also not into bars or clubs scene which is like 1/5 of that books content

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=aWMm08LcrT4 :

Amazon banned Game and 8 of my other books - YouTube

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that dude doesnt look good in a beard. sry

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I just heard and am still in a bit of disbelief they pulled it. You can currently get the eBook and audibook from Roosh directly. Hopefully the paperback will appear on another outlet (that I will be sure to patronize).

My copy of Game arrived today. I made sure to get the paperback on Amazon specifically in case they tried to delete the Kindle edition. The book has only been out for 2 days.

My disbelief is... the censorship powers are specificaly trying to prevent men from getting laid!

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Time to remove your "fuck censorship" avatar.

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Roosh is a degenerate monkey. Fuck off

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His books are garbage troll work. He wants young men to actually do the shit he says in his books.Bad advice book.