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This is going to be fun

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Did three sets during my sprints 75, 75, 50

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Just took the test and am happy to report 60. I'm excited to move on to the week 3 stuff tomorrow morning.

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Knocked out the test yesterday and stopped after performing 50, which leaves me well placed in the 4th rank.

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I'm in.

I'll do the test tonight. I assume we will start next Monday for day 1?

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Right on

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Here we go.

Just tried 50 seems like this will be too easy. At some point I will try to do 200 Shrimp squats in one go.

Like how we have L-sits and hollow body holds for a harder version of sit-ups. This time we have Shrimp squats They work the same muscles as a lunge but harder. This is one of the movements where the negative is harder. Going up in a Shrimp squat is a lot easier than going down.

My recent endurance test was wide pull-ups. did 25 sets of 5 with 2-5 mins rest between sets. in 1 month I have gone from a Max of 6 pull-ups to 10. I want 12.

My next will be hand stand push-ups. Is 100 handstand push-ups too much to ask for. Maybe, we will see.

I want to see a shoulder and back challenge. Eg hold the hand stand position for as long as possible. Or just Do X number of handstand push-ups. Closer you hands are to each other the harder it is.

I think a bridge challenge Is do able. 100 bridges would be Ace. I think we all need that.

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If you work your legs already it will be on the easier side. I am adding the challenge to my leg day along with the additional two days of the week needed for the challenge. Maybe trying adding it like I am? I do regular squats, Bulgarian dead lifts, then the lunge challenge, and then continue the rest of my leg routine. I did my initial test on a sprint day (75, 75, 50). So like you it was a little on the easyside. Oh, and I tried adding the challenge yesterday but did them as Bulgarian lunges and it made it much more difficult. I may continue this if I can hang.

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Oh no... No no no I hate lunges.

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Shit how did I get added to another one of these lists? How does this keep happening

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