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“To inspire a man to fight for something, he must feel that it matters to him, and that the issues affect him directly.” – Quintus Curtius

That's actually some quick thinking you did there hurdling your wife's solipsistic thinking. You re-framed the argument in a way that would matter to her, by presenting the scenario in a way she couldn't ignore.

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The look of horror on her face

This post is cathartic.

I'm already having trouble with them replacing Peter Parker as Spiderman.

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I actually brought that up but explained how it’s a totally different character which makes it 10x easier to accept. It’s not like one day Peter becomes a black dude from Harlem.

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Two very good points. It's still not easy to accept an usurper, despite the different identity and background. A new black superman named idris elba or batman named tyrone wallace would still be a fat & bitter pill to swallow.

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It's disingenuous pandering that a lot of people can't see through either. Make an original cool character who happens to be black; I think a lot of people would have no issue with that. Change Abraham Lincoln, the Pharaohs, Juliet, Heimdallr, Kingpin, Nick Fury, Jesus, the father/male figure in product advertising, Oenomaus and obscure Google search results of "black washing" to return "whitewashing" results instead and you have an issue.

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Exactly. If “it’s no big deal” then what’s the point of doing it in the first place?!

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In the comics after Superman was killed by doomsday one of the many that showed up wearing the S was a nigger. So they could make a post death movie and not completely betray the story

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I wasn’t aware of the black Superman. They tried to turn Clark Kent black?!?! That’s a WTF moment

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Well, the clark kent superman was "killed" and a bunch of others rose to keep the brand alive. Think I got it wrong possibly though. The one I was vaguely remembering being black might have actually been a white weapons designer. On to faggier notes they did make a black superman at one point called Calvin Ellis directly based on Obama.