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It is effectective if you are a manlet. If you are 6'2" and weigh 210lbs it leaves a lot of room for fatties.

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Fuck off lol, not all of us are Norse gods, some of us are just 'umble slav bots with our vodka handles and ushankas

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6 2 masterrace checking in

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Tall people have lower life expectancies.

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6'4 220 master race

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Short and fat is bad for your back to lift, not really a way to practice safe lifting techniques with a short fat chick. You can use that, OSHA approves this and recommends a team lift or forklift. It's your back!

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I took mine out for a bike ride when she expressed interest. She threw a fit because she was pedaling like a mad woman, and I only had to do a half rotation once every minute or so to keep up with her. She asked why that was, and I told her it's because of the weight, more drag on the pavement slowing her down. I then told her I was looking for someone who could keep up with me, and took off at 20 mph.

Completely ignoring that I have an $800 aluminum road bike that weighs 8 pounds, and she has a $50 Chinesium mountain bike from Walmart that weighs 40 pounds. She didn't need to know that, though.

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Ha! You absolute mad man!

I know what you mean on bikes though I had a $1,200 Trek that was given me as a present. There's a big difference between quality and a standard bike--there really is

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A quality bike pays for itself, really. Just this summer alone, I've put on at least a mile per dollar I spent on it. And I've had it for 5 years. It's just an infinitely more enjoyable experience, that you just want to ride it. Just the money saved from riding it to work every day probably paid for it, too. And I don't have to waste time in the gym doing fake cardio.

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Since most women turn into fat cows after marriage what's the big deal about getting one that's already in shape? Specifically a fat shape.

And yeah OP needs to hit the gym if he can't carry a fat chick 2 feet. Unless we're talking 300+ pounds, and in that case man the harpoons!

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Many men mistake small fats/ skinny fats for a fit female. Small fats always become big fats because of their habits.

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Genius level redpill

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Thanks it was a moment of inspiration! How's everything going?

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OK but I'm still unemployed. I did test for the Post Office yesterday and did very well on it. It was surprisingly hard! Now I just have to wait and see if it was enough for the local position I applied for. I'm hoping to get some good benefits for the fam.

I think maybe I'll make a post about how I was able to redpill my wife a little on why it's wrong that they are trying to turn characters black or female just for the sake of inclusiveness. While not as genius as using their own romantic aspirations against them, it was by using characters they love and relate to and changing them.

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Oh lord, that's just perfect.

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You're a far kinder man than I.