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God this whole thing has been a complete and utter lesson in why we need term limits for Congress. These old senile bastards that just do not understand what the fuck is happening,

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Pelosi and waters are absolutely suffering from dementia

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Did you catch the senile old shit that didn't understand how emails work?

They had to tell him over and over they they will get him documents if he says which ones he wanted. He kept replying to that answer by bitching about wanting the documents.

It amazes me that a group of people that already made up their minds are worried about someone that might want to hear facts before making decisions.

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Well if they have that kid they have produced a new citizen and will likely get to stay. Can't separate kids and thier mommys

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need to stop that shit too

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If they deported the taco nigger via trebuchet it would receive the free abortion it wanted.

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I like this option best.

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me too

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we could do it every Saturday night. Do a hundred in a row. Sell tickets and the right to pull the cord!