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Been hitting the gym hard. Started doing overhead press with the Olympic bar. Not easy. I need to find my tape measure. My arms were 19". They may be bigger now. Need to ride my bike more. We have a monsoon here every early evening when I want to ride. I find if I ride before I go to the gym it takes a lot out of me. Working part time. Im spoiled. Need to get off my ass and start working full time again. Maybe get back into Nursing. I'd only be doing it for the money though. At 58 ya gotta wonder if dating is worth the effort anymore. Im sure women my age feel the same way. If I could get a friend or two with benefits that would be ideal. Might go to the range later today. I have a new Walther PPX 9mm that Ive only shot once. New place. New job. I only moved 6 miles but its a change. Slightly cheaper and I don't have neighbors up my ass every day. NEVER buy a condo in a 55+ place. Those people are miserable. Be strong man.

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I've been doing the overhead press too. It's a great exercise and I love it.

At 58 ya gotta wonder if dating is worth the effort anymore

Not to get personal, I thought you were married?

Now in regards to a condo with old people, isn't that a great place to be? It's quite and generally things are up-kept no?

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Lived with a few. Never actually took the plunge. Thank God. It didn't cost me anything to leave. At the condo they do keep the place up. Some of the people are miserable busybodies with nothing to do but find wrong with every thing. It was quiet. Which I like. My new place is quiet and I don't share a wall with anyone. I had a Ukrainian woman move in right next door that was after my jock hard. I wouldn't do it because right next door. I may reconsider that now that Ive moved. I can do reps on the seated Nautilus machine (stacked plates) with 200 easily. Standing overhead seems to bother my knee. I'll put on a brace and try it more. Standing I use an Olympic bar. Much less weight but I just started doing it.

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Ha you posted this on my 45th birthday and I didn’t notice. Since I’m still unemployed I took this one a little hard. And I think every single person asked me if I feel older this year?! Is this something about 45 that I don’t know? Anyways, I told all of them that I actually feel healthier this year than last considering all the positive changes I’ve made.

Tested for a job at the local Post Office. Scored well and am now waiting to be contacted. Hoping for some good benefits for the family.

Still hitting the gym regularly and gaining weight. Getting close to 160 now with my end goal of 170. I think I’d be making more gains if my shoulder weren’t still injured. I’m afraid if I take a month off I’ll have a hard time getting back into it.

My big milestone of one year sober is tomorrow. Can’t believe I’ve made it this far. No plans for going back to the way I was. I checked out some old shirtless photos and that’s all the motivation I need.

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Congratulations on being sober for one year and happy belated birthday. I hope that you live to see more years of sobriety. Good to read that you're sorting yourself out and staying fit. I hope that weight gain is mostly muscle.

While your unemployed, use this time to look into fraternities with alumni chapters in your area you might be able to join. Also consider developing some trade skills that you can practice around the home that you can fall back on. A few ASE certifications and sometime willingness to work in an autoshop could open some serious doors for you as there is immense demand for technicians and mechanics. You also can't outsource plumbing, locksmith-ing, electrical, or woodworking either and they're skills you can market independently to generate income off the books.

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Thank you, I appreciate it. Yes, my weight gain has been mostly muscle. I'm a little over 5'8 and I was all the way down to 141. Now I'm back up around 159 and shooting for 170. I'm probably around 10-12% body fat. Definitely no more than 15. The push-up and squat challenges really kicked things into high gear for me. I am absolutely loving squats now. My goal is to be able to rep 225 10X as I can only push up that 2-4 at the moment. I tried 245 on my 6th set the other day and had to lay the weights on the safety straps. That was a first. I went down and it wouldn't budge. lol I will admit that my left hip is starting to hurt and I'm not sure what is causing it since I'm pretty anal about my form.

I will consider ASE certs. Coincidentally my step father runs NADC. I looked into going back to school to get into electrical work but classes are quite expensive. I really do need to use some of this time working on projects around the house if only to build my skills like you point out.

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If you need help with posting the lunges let me know.

A big thing that I did was finally fix my Truck. I have a late 70's pick up that needed the starter replaced. However, after replacing it the truck wouldn't start. I couldn't figure out the damn issue. I replaced all the electrical cables leading to the battery. Replaced the starter solenoid and still nothing. Finally, I realized that the battery cable was accidentally touching the starter frame and creating a grounding/short that was preventing the ignition from firing. So I just moved the cable and it fired right up. It took me two damn weeks to figure it out.

The truck is still running bad though and I'll need to tune up the carburetor I believe.

I read a book this week "Verbal Judo" it's actually a really good book and I recommend it, I wish I could ask Scott Adams what his thoughts are on the book (as i'm sure that he read it). It's a persuasion book geared towards the Police with practical uses in civilian life.

The key take away is that there are 3 different types of people, Nice People, Difficult People, and Pussies. The problem that i've deduced with persuasion books is that they are for all purposes written for White cultures. Once a culture becomes Wakanda, these techniques really don't work because they center around "Empathy". While, I still believe that persuasion is effective, it's only so because it forces you to use emotional appeals and appeals to the ego of the opponent.

In that regard, everyone should read up on Persuassion because logic doesn't work.

Hope your online classes are going well.

I did see a pretty good movie this week though, "Baby Driver". It was just a good car action movie with not too many blatant PC crap in it.

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So, there's this woman I worked with years ago. Fat single mother type, so I never really gave her much consideration. In the many years since we both left that job, she had gotten married, and not to her baby daddy.

So, she messages me up a few days ago, telling me her husband just walked out on her literally minutes before, and she needs me to sleep with her, IMMEDIATELY. Well, unfortunately for her, I'm saving myself for marriage, and I tell her as much. She demands that I marry her on the spot. Not going to happen. So, she talks me into hanging out, and I reluctantly agree, but only as friends. Figure she's going through a lot, I can at least be a friend, I guess. Bad move.

So, we arrange to go hiking at a local park. She shows up with her dogs and kid, which makes me uneasy. We hike for a few hours, and she seems well behaved. At the end, though, she goes crazy. Going on about how her dog loves me, her kid loves me, and isn't he such a good child?! She raised him right! So you know she's a good mother! Clearly we're meant to be together, she loves me, I'm everything she's been looking for, and she's everything I'm looking for! She even offers to sell her house and give me the money! Yes, she's made lots of mistakes in the past, but I can overlook them! Right?!

So, I noped the fuck out of there. My friends and family still can't believe I turned down free sex.

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Ha! My crazy ex also contacted me recently. Women who begin hitting their 30's and realize they are financially broke, fat, and still single freak out.

You made a good move on walking out. As for the free sex, the mental consequences of having sex with a fatty is much worse than waiting a year to have sex with a sexy chick.

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Fat Chick wants to bang him, He didn't bang her. His friends are like, "Why didn't you bang her?"