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them krakdashian whoorahs love them some niggers

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Hollywood and pop culture are ruining young minds. For the black person " I can be a gangster and fuk me a hot ass white bitch " For the young white women " Omg it's so progressive and hot to be an interracial couple!"

Society is fucked.

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Is there a more damning illustration of the state of the modern world when talentless gimps like these could actually have earned that much money in the first place let alone spend so much of it on one day?

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No doubt. Punchable fucking face.

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Yea I would punch him with a tire-iron right between the eyes

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you're in the wrong neighborhood

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Seriously. If you were in a decent neighborhood and he walked up to you, he'd have been shot.

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haven't been to Florida have ya?

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so the nigger will waste its money on 30 escalates and a franchise of KFS? while muttering some gibberish about its jungle life

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Have heard the name, but do not know what they're about, or why there's any interest in them. Also, the crap that site tries to load on your computer makes it a no-go zone. No pics.