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Not quite. Most leftist rebellions tend to be successful and this is the case even back to Ancient times. Pinochet was actually barely successful in culling the militant leftists in Chile, but the government and cities were already fully infested and dominated by passive ideological leftists. Oddly enough, the same can be said of Francisco Franco of Spain.

Their mutual failing, which is the most enduring flaw of militant right leaning movements is that they didn't understand that the leftists are utterly and completely insane. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be negotiated with. They will only stop when they are dead. They are so fully and wholly committed to relieving their amygdala of the irritation right leaning psychologies create in their minds that they will do anything and everything to eliminate them from their habitat, even importing more aggressive feral people to serve as proxies.

The only way to deal with them is to isolate and encourage their self destructive habits while allowing quick killing pathogens into the population even if this means eliminating family members, friends, and loved ones. Let the diseases work their way through and burn them out. Sabotage and eliminate medical professionals who attempt to be compassionate in developing and marketing cures. Do nothing to provoke any focus upon yourself if you're of the right leaning psychology, just leave the leftists be and take care of your own. This is why the renaissance came immediately following the black death and Europe was finally able to sort itself out and expel Islamic invasion.

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Pinochet also stepped down and returned the government to a "Democracy"...the guy wasn't as bad as we are lead to believe.

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I was going to mention our subverse, but I recognize your username from there already.

Excellent point. Also why Hitler and not literally any other part of the 2000 years of Western civilization? Roman civilization? Why not Bismarck who unlike Hitler played Europe like a fiddle?

(Another variation I like is 14/888 - for Hans-Herman Hoppe)

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Exactly, we have plenty of White heroes to look up to that did not get us to the brink of extinction like A.H. did

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Have you ever been to Chile to witness this now glorious civilisation?

Do you have any genuine concept of just how much help he had from the USA?

Honestly this sounds like somthing from /Iam14andthisisdeep

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"Do you have any genuine concept of just how much help he had from the USA?" - so what?

"Have you ever been to Chile to witness this now glorious civilisation?" - no, but I read a lot of good stuff about that country, sure it's not a paradise but it's head and shoulders above anything else in South America

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'Head and shoulders'? How would you know unless you had been here to see?

It seems obvious at this point that you have no genuine grasp of what has or is happening in Chile. So it would seem that your post is pure adolesent fantasy.

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Pinochet, unlike Hitler, was tried and sentenced.

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"However, Pinochet died a few days later, on 10 December 2006, without having been convicted of any of the crimes of which he was accused" - tried but never sentenced apart from house arrest

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If you don't understand why he died so conveniently, you must be pretty naive.