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That's how you end up on the news as a murder suicide.

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I won't say the husband is within his rights as a human being to kill both his wife and her bastard ... I won't say it.

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I will. Kill the bitch. The man willing to do so is far less likely to need to.

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How do you spell c-u-c-k?

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Maxim Anokhin's blue pill mistake was considering a non-virgin female above 21, let alone one over 30 who would need medical support just to conceive, as suitable for marriage.

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What difference at this point does it make?

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Information for the otherwise unaware bluepill males out there lurking on the board. Most fertility clinics globally are staffed primarily by females. According to the article those at the clinic who needed to know were fully aware that they were doing a stud swap and the doctor was happily laughing which suggests this might not be the only case.

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It was a Hillary joke.