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We can break that number down further. Most violent crime is committed by black males age 14-25. That’s like 5% of the population.

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Let's also stop padding the white male numbers by including crimes committed by jews and mestizos.

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That is a huge issue with the crime stats. The FBI does this on purpose. It’s time for true crime stats.

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Even more: they committed most of the unsolved ones too. Thats 25 percent of them. They committed probably 2/3rds of all murders.

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How can you say they committed unsolved murders? They're unsolved.

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I use stats like this to shut down blacks that try and publicly talk shit on white people holding them down and police brutality. I come correct and speak respectfully and they usually have nothing to say whatsoever because they quickly realize I am not a liberal and I will not hesitate to humiliate them if need be. So tired of the let's blame whitey for everything.

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You see there are two types of white people: There are white people that think everyone should grow the fuck up and be responsible for themselves like you. Then there are the white liberals.

White liberals are a destructive force in minority communities especially in the education and justice system. They and their kike counterparts are the ones that fought for lenient sentences for black thugs. They support dumbing down educational standards. They write the history books and that make sure all non-white children are firmly indoctrinated into the oppressed mind set. They steal community autonomy by using their bureaucracy and social programs to supplant grassroot movements. This also keeps them employed since they have no incentive to fix anything and wind down the gibs.

Just like there are places where a white person will only encounter dangerous niggers, there are places where non-whites only ever encounter psychotic liberals. We are all colored by our negative experiences. I feel fortunate to have grown up with conservative hillbillies as friends and neighbors. I can imagine what a raging self hating mess I would be if I grew up someplace like California.

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According to the census... And we all know how much they like taking the census. Something tells me there are way more niggers than anyone thinks...

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Yup, blacks,, mexicans, and god knows who are routinely reported as white on crime states. Wouldn't be surprised if 13% of the population commits 90% of the murders, seeing as crime rates were much much lower pre-diversity days

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Looks up FBI most wanted God those "white" folks are sure awful dark.

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I am of the same mindset. Has to be a greater percentage and I dare say it is much closer to 20%

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According to police stats, the 180 murders committed in last 8 mos of 2017 in St. Louis were ALL committed by blacks. Of course the StL Post Dispatch had to file a freedom of information lawsuit to get them to release that info.

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You can keep touting this 13% nonsense, but I don't see it. No matter where you go, there seems to be 50% nigger. Niggers everywhere, how is it only 13%?

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Add up the unpaid medical bills, insurance costs (auto, homeowner), delinquent/default credit costs, criminal justice costs, prison costs and that number is STAGGERING.

Niggers have cost TOO much, and on TOP of that hate us (benefactors) and BLAME us for THEIR inferiority. TIME to END this INSANITY! ALONG with the nigger lover degenerates (liberals) who have become directly corrupted by nigger infiltration. Thinking they can life as selfishly, stupidly, carelessly, recklessly and irresponsibly as they WANT, and the REST of us HAVE to pay for THEIR negative consequences under some deranged ideal about us being UNITED. The Goood DO NOT unite with predators or parasites!

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Good link, xposted to v/black

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The quicker the red pills are spread, the better.

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So if you ever get a time machine instead of going back and telling Hitler not to make the mistake of 2 fronts you should instead go back to pre-colonial times and convince the South to only use white slaves to start with? That's super racist.

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Would it be easier to stop the Jewish slave ships from arriving at the ports? Oh no, that's anti-Semitic.

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Maybe we need to go back even further and help the Vikings take over Europe before the romans succumb to Christianity.

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