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This is a legitimately good post. Sleep is the single most important thing we can follow (I don't follow it but everyone should). Joe Rogan had a great podcast with a sleep scientist that if I find i'll try to post

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Is it Joe Rogan Experience #1109 - Matthew Walker ?


I'm listening to it now, thanks for the recommendation.

For what it's worth, I wrote this almost a year ago, and my circumstances have changed drastically since then, so I haven't been following this either, and it's hurt me more than I though it would. Only so much you can do when you live in a 1 room flat, with one small bed, your partner doesn't go to sleep till 3am, and the mornings are noisy.

That will probably change over the next week, and if it does, getting sleeping back in good working order is going to be one of my top priorities: everything else works so much better when that has been fixed.

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That's the episode!

As for noise, get an air filter and turn it on at night and noise from the filter will help cancel out background distractions.

A fan works just as well, I say Air filter because it both acts like a background noise canceled and cleans the air. I know full well the difficulties of a small place