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The democrats have offered up another sacrifice, what are they trying to hide this time?

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You've never seen rats fleeing from a sinking ship before, I take it? Trumps election has sparked utter chaos in the political establishment.

You've got the non-white coalition jockeying for dominance of the democratic party using this as an opportunity to purge and eject the liberal Jews and whites alike. They've been finding out how much non-white voters loathe them without Killary in power to protect them. More over, the entirety of working communities have come to see both parties for what they are and the extent to which the elite of our society prey upon their dysfunctional communities.

Even more hilarious, you've got complete and utter chaos rampant in the republican party as the liberals in that camp are openly encouraging their party members to cut off their noses to spite their faces. Throwing support behind non-republican campaigns for office to achieve the sole benefit of undermining the Trump administration and set the stage for a democrat challenger to have better odds against an incumbent Trump in a few years.

It's the most glorious political period in this country and its been decades in the making. All of this, because no one has been smart enough to could come up with a better model than divide et impera in the digital age.

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The sealed indictments?

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Hillarys upcoming indictment.