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If Tyrone can bulk up in solitary confinement, you can do it at home. No excuses, flabby white boy.

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Yea, but Tyrone's bulking up because Darnell has a reputation for going after the guys he likes. That's some serious motivation to follow through and exercise.

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because Darnell has a reputation for going after the guys he likes.

And the imported terrorists refugees don't?

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Too many soyboys aren't thinking about how they'll survive the end of American supremacy. Darnell will be coming after them in a few years. The petro dollar won't survive the Saudi-Israeli war against Iran.

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Honestly, the hardest part of getting fit is just working up the motivation to do it. Once you have your running shoes on, so to speak, it's a breeze.

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The best way to be motivated is to make it a routine. After a while your body will know it's coming and it'll start to prepare (as in releasing endorphins and ramping up your energy and heart rate to prepare for the coming workout). Eventually your body will actually start to crave working out. Also once your body gets used to the routine, if you skip working out, you'll feel shitty because things aren't right, the routine is off. Resulting in you actually wanting to work out, and not wanting to skip it.

Set an alarm and force yourself to wake up every single day at the exact same time for a month. Eventually your body will force you to wakeup at that time with or without the alarm. Same goes for working out. Motivate yourself to do it consistently, and your body will eventually force you to do it.

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You and I must have read the same article. Just read a big article on self improvement and the great advice was just "suffering for 5 minutes" and getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off

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Yep, every day I get dinner going then workout while it cooks. At the very least I ride the stationary bike or barbell exercises while watching America Ninja Warrior, keeps me pumped imagining being in that great of shape.

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Once you arw carved out of stone it's amazing the way women will look at you at the pool or beach. Meeting a new girl and the first time you get your shirt off the way girls will react and feel your body is prettt damn good feeling.

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Yep! Went back to the gym 3 months ago. In such a short time ive seen some gains but more importantly, feel fucking great!

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Absolutely right. You can even make simple investments into building a home gym here and there along the way before buying weights. A jump rope, a hand grip strength trainer, a pull up mount, a weighted vest, and my favorite a bicycle.

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Just built a squat rack. I hadn't been going to the gym because it was so far away. Cost me about $400 total, which for most people is gonna get recovered after 3 months, but foe me (because I went to the YMCA) is going to be recouped in... 4 years? Still worth it to have the gym right next to me.

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33 years ago when I was in the military I would do 400 pushups a day. My reflexes became cat quick.

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Did you get more massive or lean up at that many reps?

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I was doing 10 sets of ten curls with 100 lbs and 10 sets of 10 tricep curls with 100lbs at the time. I also did clean and jerk 200 lbs 40 reps in an hour. My arms got big. My chest more defined. My hand speed definately got way quicker.

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Craigslist exercise equipment. You can find tons of shit fat people never used for super cheap or free.

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bought me a bike, I ride it 5x a week, Its not a ride until I am breathing heavy. My Step daughter told her dad "I get out of breath when I run" Doc says she has Asama and gives her a reason to be lazy...

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Kettlebells, cheap, simple, effective. No membership required.

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Or go to a junkyard, buy some tires and put them in your backyard to throw around

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I like dumbbells. More adaptable for different exercises. Also more expensive for a decent set(s). But, you can buy a plate/grip at a time so it's easier to fit into a budget.

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