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Number one date rape drug is voluntarily consumed alcohol. Protect yourself and quit getting shit faced.

Plus, just because you don't remember what you did, doesn't mean you were unconscious or not wanting to do it.

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For those new to this crimson-hued degree of realtalk, girlfriends don’t roll solo to parties and get black-out drunk unless they are entertaining notions of cheating.

that's amazing that he knew this basic fact as a sophomore in high school

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Great fucking point! Hell I didn't realize this shit till I was a Senior in College

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@Earlponcho @00ellis Then you mofo's were slow to the party growing up. I found out stuff like that when I was in junior high.

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All of the most hardcore nationalist start out as hardcore leftists.

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They finally grew up that's why

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When young truth seeker start out, they go to the left first because they are hearded like cattle there. They quickly wake up when the get inside the system

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No, he did a DNA test an everything he is part Potato Nigger though

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hey us potato niggers are good people

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Anglin is clearly a man after my own heart. Funny story, when I was in high school I briefly dated a girl with with the most outrageous pair of tits who wasn't a fattie. I figured pursuing a girl with 36 double d's on the narrow waist of a sixteen year old was going to mean I'd have a lot of rivals to get up in there, but as soon as I got word of that she was late I had nothing but disgust for her. One time she caught up with my classmates and I before it came out I'd said what my mother would say many times when watching those STD med commercials during dinner, "because you're a slut."

My classmates busted out laughing and she looked at me like I'd run over her dog. According to one Dominican classmates he claimed I hardly ever said anything, but when I did it would come completely out of left field and surprise everybody. I thought it was even more disgusting that a Puerto Rican attending a public college and involved in some black Hebrew cult was the guy she was claiming to have banged. I was disgusted any female, who wasn't Puerto Rican herself could have such profoundly low standards.

But those titties felt nice though.

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Cold. Although social shamming needs to make a big come back to keep people (especially women) in check

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