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Wow she is fucking fish eyed as fuck, she a (((they)))?

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Just checked her wiki page. Her grandma who she was very close to, was a jew, she claims to be an atheist. Every god damn time.

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Wow you dumb cunt giving the people who hate you your phone number. You are basically dry snitching your identity doin that, fuck that bitch ass college I️ ain’t calling shit

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If you stood in front of me you'd curtsy like a bitch.

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If I️ was standing in front of you you’d move tf out the way and say excuse me sir

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If you go to joyce's twitter the 3 most recent pics are of her cats and not Human Children because let's be honest she never had any.

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doing her part to eliminate the white race

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Oh honey, be careful. It's so not worth it, these people are a dime a dozen, and NOT worth your consideration, let alone your freedom. You are worth ten of these cunts. Stay focused on your shit, which you're awesome at.


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theyre gonna extradite me for an opinion?

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No, they gonna keep an eye on you. You gonna wind up on lists. It's just not worth it these cunts are self destructing at such a rapid rate we don't even need to help.

I just want you at liberty, Sir. It's a weird climate right now. Keep your head down, let matters resolve themselves. ♡♡♡

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Whenever police call, have your attorney respond with a cease and desist letter. That tends to get them nervous. As for kooks like that, send them photos of happy white families, moms, dad, grandparents and kids in the mail instead with the taunting words like, "What could've been, if not for those pesky coat hangers." It'll be even more painful for the atheists if it's the cover of a Christmas card. It'll trigger them like a tommy gun.

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I like it

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A dark hearted bastard like you? I knew that would warm your heart some.

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Maybe you shouldn't have been so retarded. You have to carefully choose your words if you are going to do this publicly

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they can dish out but not take it

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Kevin DuBrow is alive? Meaningful dialogue means "you'll be hearing from the police" with these people.