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Notice that the only pop singers who are gay are the ones with the grand theatrics. Most musicians are straight, because the whole point in music is getting laid. 

Not only that, it's pushed. Bowie was pushed, this next quote is what gave me the red pill about the agendas at work.

I think I was always a closet heterosexual. I didn’t ever feel that I was a real bisexual. It was like I was making all the moves, down to the situation of actually trying it out with some guys […] I wanted to imbue Ziggy with real flesh and blood and muscle, and it was imperative that I find Ziggy and be him. The irony of it was that I was not gay. I was physical about it, but frankly it wasn’t enjoyable. It was almost like I was testing myself. It wasn’t something I was comfortable with at all. But it had to be done. But for me, I was more magnetized by the whole gay scene, which was underground. Remember, in the early 1970s it was still virtually taboo. There might have been free love, but it was heterosexual love. I like this twilight world. I like the idea of these clubs and these people and everything about it being something that nobody knew anything about. So it attracted me like crazy. It was like another world that I really wanted to buy into. So I made efforts to go and get into it. That phase lasted up to about 1974. It more or less died with Ziggy.

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Great quote and find!

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They aren't, you have to virtue signal or you're not given roles.

Or you have to suck Weinstein's cock to get in

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Actors are garbage people.

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Well, perhaps because it is somewhat taboo, gays learn to act in order to seem straight.

Also, acting a part involves putting yourself into somebody else's shoes. This requires some empathy, which is perhaps a more feminine trait. I think men are ugly, too. The younger you are, the more beautiful you look. The more beautiful you look, the more like a girl you look. Perhaps that feminine look is also correlated with being gay.

Why are all the famous actors short? One explanation is that to look Alpha, you need to be taller than your co-stars, so it is an advantage in the Industry to be short, as there are more parts for you to appear alongside a big name.

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Interesting perspective

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Wow, that's a shit blog post.

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Because they are introduced into the gay lifestyle at an early age. Then grow up not knowing anything else. Gays are genetically pre-disposed to be sexually attracted to little boys so in Hollywood everything goes hand in hand. Hollywood; The Clergy; the raping Rabbis.... all stem from gay culture.

Gays should be aborted in the womb.

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William Shakespeare, though married and a father, was probably gay or bi-sexual.

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What are you basing that on?

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Gay for pay. Pretty common in the porn industry among the male "actors". I guess there is no real difference between the family friendly side of Hollywood and the hardcore porno side.

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they love cocks! ! !

how the pushups coming?

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I've been doing Pullups now. I noticed much better gains with them, hows that arm?

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man the arm is healing ever so slowly

it was almost better and then i late september i had a water skiing accident and somehow re-injured but not as badly as when the cops beat me.

i am lookin at steroids online have you tried them yet?

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