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damn dude, thank you for writing this. good shit!!!

i havent been able to verbalize what we do here very well, but i do tell lots of folks that our redpill sub aint just about women.


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This clip of the star of Mythbusters emphasizes the core of the red Pill attitude: think critically about everything people try to tell you.


Everything, from "what everybody knows" about sexuality, to "electric cars produce zero emissions," to what "97% of scientists" supposedly say about people rather than things like solar output supposedly causing climate change, to the very claim that 97% of scientists agree on something (the way they finagled the data to publish that claim makes for a very interesting study in the fraudulent use of statistics.)

Root out all the lies, fellow Men and Women of the Red Pill!


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GOD DAMN!!! Finally!! Somebody fucking writes something good.

Yes this is all true. I have personally found my "man-ness" by making an art out of chasing women. It has made me a better everything all around.

I'm actually sitting here motivated again, someone isn't just bullshitting around. I literally threw this sub out the window for other lesser-known forums that were actually writing cohesive, useful knowledge such as what's contained in this post.

Do not forego the route of chasing women though!!! You will earn a LOT of positive characteristics for yourself by learning which women to chase, how to get women to follow you, and so on and so forth. Game is a fantastic way to get up and going again, and I am learning this quickly. Want to know how many job interviews I got today? (3) It's a great game to practice for the sake of practicing some sort of a game. A literal game.

Cheers, mate.


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Do not forego the route of chasing women

Key advice ^^

What I often say to guys I've mentored is, that they have to prioritize getting "the woman part of your life" handled.

That's the key to getting started on the path to success.

If you're being distracted by horniness & blue balls, you're not going to perform well. And don't lie to me that you can ignore sexual frustration, that's an AFC copout.

(And please . . . please Please don't repeat the blue pill bullshit spouted by fundamentalist religions that sex is "dirty" or "evil".)

So, let's say you haven't been studying how to find, meet, attract & close (FMAC) women, so you don't have the skills, and let's say you haven't grown enough testicular fortitude to face your fears, approach the women, then close by bringing them home . . . OK, so you're still an AFC.

So you as an AFC goes out to a club, ends up blowing out with the ladies, or even worse, chickens out from even doing the approach and closing work at all. You go home with your guy buddies who also blew out, making excuses to each other.

Let's be brutal about what happened:

  • You wasted several hours of your life not meeting chicks.

  • You spent over a hundred bucks (driving there, parking, buying food & drinks)

  • You still have blue balls

And the following week, you're still going to waste time fantasizing about getting with a chick for real, you're still going to be distracted by horniness . . .

Now let's reimagine that evening:

You've invested time in learning the skills (for real, in the field.)

You conquer your fears and do the approaches.

You conquer your fears and take the girl home.

You have a great night of fuckfest.

You go into work the next week brimming with confidence

You push past arousal distraction, because you are confident you will be getting your sex requirements met

You slay your task list and the projects you're working on.

Do you see now how success in the sexual area of your life feeds success in every other area?

Stop making excuses

AFC'dom will hold back every area of your life.

Just do it!