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Introducing: Scribble


Scribble was designed as a great alternative to the current themes on the marketplace, as well as the default theme. Our CSS is simple to install (copy and paste a base section, and use pre-made addons to give that extra something), and simple to tweak. Scribble was designed with three things in mind: screen width, night and day mode, and to be an elegant theme that needed absolutely ZERO effort to implement or maintain. Not that familiar with CSS? Don't worry, we're here to help you.

As an open source theme, it's also available for everyone to modify as they see fit. Take the theme and really make it yours. That's what it's here for, after all.

Come over to our verse today, and let's get started creating a better Voat.


Subverse Homepage

Inside a Thread

Mobile Styling


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Just a bit of an update for Scribble: I've just released a new tool to help you customize your design before you implement it. Now, you don't have to worry about what your site will look like, as we show you before you save it. We also save your work after you generate the CSS, so the next time you come back to the tool, it'll have your settings all ready to go (and updates I make to the code will be automatically applied for the next time you hit save). This tool will make it SUPER EASY to stay up-to-date without losing any of your hard work, and it also makes things really simple to update. Whether you're new to CSS and stylesheets, or a hardened front end developer, the new customization tool offers something for everyone.

Please note: while I do require your email address in order to use the tool, your email address will never been seen by anybody, even myself. I will not sell it, nor give it away, and the only time I'll use it is to let you know about updates to Scribble (e.g. major bug fix patches). This is all in an effort to let subverse mods keep their design in tip-top shape, without having to constantly come back to our subverse to check for updates manually.

Check out our new site, and our new tool, at http://scribble.mh1.co/

Let me know what you guys think!


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Hey, I love the tool. I am new to CSS and was hoping to ask some questions?


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Sure thing! What would you like to know? I'm here to help in any way that I can.


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Wow this look awesome! Theme of the month :)