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Holy shit, I figured it out.. all of Obama’s voters turned into niggers! No wonder the USA is collapsing

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Trump isnt racist.. where did you see that? Ive sern Biden groping pre adolescent girls in inappropriate manners right in front of the girls parents.. ive seen girls looking very uneasy with bidens hands running over their breasts whilst he seems to smell them. I havent heard Trump once say anything racist... So ill have to say.. Im not american, but Id rather vote Trump in before he isnt racist, rather than Biden who shows pedophilic tendencies even during televised official acts inside the Whitehouse. And Bidens son is corrupt as heck and his sons sleep with each others wives. Its a cesspit of vice and decadence in the Biden household. If its the same at Trump Towers.... well they hide it better.

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It's just a comeback to dumb leftists, not a reality. Except that Biden really is a pedophile.

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... op is making an ironic statement dude ...

it makes sense. trust me.

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That's my go to. I just don't give a shit anymore. I call everyone that tries to justify the bullshit that is going on, a fucking Marxist Pedofile full stop. Fuck them, I always ask why they are running cover for fucking Pedos and if they are ok with that.

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people who call us racists for voting for trump are stupid. I don't mean this as an insult but rather an observation. Have you listened to some of their arguments? You can show them facts, you can show them videos, you can show them press releases and they will call it lies. Meanwhile Trump admin uncovered some real shit with the Obama admin and they ignore it.

Funny. Anyway trump will be elected and the Obama admin will see consequences. Or at least I hope on the second part. Trump admin is doing investigations and I get that they need to be quite on the details, makes sure they know what is true before they share it with everyone, but still, I don't want this bullshit to go unchecked.

Also while I am at it, more Antifia rioters (not peaceful protestors their cool) need to get killed already.

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Why not both?

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Apt, but there's only one flaw with that analogy. Trump is not a racist. Biden IS a pedophile.

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Does that make Trump a racist? I'm ok with that. I'm more than ok with that.

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I wish Trump was a racist, but he's not.

I wish Biden wasn't a pedophile, but he is.

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I wish Jeffery Epstein hung himself, he didn’t.

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Best comment

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I am a racist.

Is that against the law?

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[–] Onward2_Sideways8 ago 

But that flies in the face of the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech means speech that you don't like.

[–] oneinchterror 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

It is to Qoomers. I've literally had Q boomers on twitter tell me that "hate speech" is illegal. They're not sending their best.

[–] Onward2_Sideways8 ago 

There is no such thing as "hate speech". The very term is too subjective.

[–] i_scream_trucks ago  (edited ago)

'hate speech' is literally left wing talk.

whoever told you that has nothing to do with anything but antifa.

listen to the words someones using rather than what theyre saying. it will often give you a clue a to who youre talking to.

its amazing how many radical feminist retards post comments as angry white men but out themselves by using certain specific phrases like 'toxic mysogyny'

about 80% of comments i have read on social media from 'angry white men' is either from fat white lesbians or niggers.

its all in the words they use. you cant get away from that.

but then again if youre just shit talking then none of that applies and you can fuck back off under the rock you crawled out from but meh thats all up to you.

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