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Biden's got bombs dropping all around him.

Certainly one of them will take him out.

[–] skidder 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

How is this even in question? Biden is on video telling Ukraine they have 6 hours to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma or he (Obama) will withhold the billion in aid. Son of bitch, they fired him!

[–] warned2 ago 

probe done

[–] quantum1234 ago 

How sick is it that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has to subpoena because the Senate judiciary and intelligence committee refuse to do anything!!! Burr and Graham DS POS!!!

[–] Christosgnosis ago 

well, one of them has been dealt with - now how to deal with Graham...

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vote him out his GOP opponent is very Pro Trump!

[–] hydra12340 ago 

Biden is like boiling a frog. Heat just went from low to medium high.

[–] lOstinthewOOds ago 

Oh boy, a vote to issue a subpoena, the gloves must be off.

[–] VotingGodWins ago 

Yep sick of this shit. Vote to issue subpoena, my ass. get it done! if they don't arrest Hunter and Sleepy Joe, i'm pretty much done with all this shit. let it all go to hell.