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SB2 = a modern day decoding Picasso fueled by Peruvian coffee and cake icing. Brilliant work. TY SB2.

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Rosenstein is the worst of the three, in my opinion. He is like a sniveling, cornered, double dealing traitor. After getting caught red handed on the wrong side of history, he is trying to endear himself with his captures, hoping he may still be able to flimflam them into believing he has always been on the side of truth and justice. Barr knows Rosenstein for what he is and Barr is embarrassing the traitor by using him as his foil and lap dog, which has to piss off Comey and Mueller to no end. But, they can not do a damn thing about it because they can not risk talking to Rosenstein. The traitors realize each is on their own and each is being closely monitored. At this point, they also realize that they are being subjected to an excruciatingly slow simmer as they stew in their own juices waiting for the inevitable knock on the door. It's like slow death after being buried alive. The Q team know the art of war. "Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." Sun Tzu.

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Iontheball!!! I think you have it exactly right. I have always maintained from the beginning that Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller in concert with the other DS traitors, conspired to launch this Hail Mary called the "Special Counsel" to oust POTUS or at the bare minimum, prolong this russian collusion hoax until the mid terms hoping the democrat rats would retake the lower and upper chambers and then impeach our POTUS.

If Rosenstein is a "white hat" which I seriously doubt, it's only because he has been "Flipped" and is rating out his co-conspirators to save his own puny ass. Mueller, he is as dirty as they come. His entire career is riddled with scandal going all the way back to when he tried the Hell's Angels back in the late 70's. All one needs to point to is the God like hysteria the left ie...press, democrats, talking mouths...........who were singing this man's praises like he was the returning Messiah when Rosenstein appointed him as Special Counsel in this coup d'etat effort. James Comey? What else can be said about this filthy, lying, narcissistic psychopath?

I think SB2 is right on the money with his analysis. "Military Planning at it's finest"? Um..........................Looks like it to me. And picture this...................Rosenstein and Omarosa? LMAO!!!!

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Great comment iontheball. Thank you!

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SB2 what do you make of that hero’s send off for RR? Doesn’t seem like the way Barr would send off a black hat.

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The drop with the answer is in the article:



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There are a lot of assumptions stated here that are stated as conclusion. The fact is that we are not in a position to know for sure. My suspicions tend toward thinking that Rosenstein is indeed a white hat and has been represented in a way that it is questionable for strategic reasons. Mueller is harder to read. I suspect that he has done what he needed to do to move the ball down the field and is part of the plan. He left things in an uncertain and somewhat awkward place but that could have been intentional. Comey is almost certainly a bad guy but who knows, really.

If the strategy and tactics were easy enough for us to penetrate all along the line, what kind of a plan would it be against the bad guys who have real deep pockets and a lot of dirt on a lot of people?

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Wrong SB2 in your 2nd paragraph, after your first 3 one line sentences at top. Rosenstein is indeed a WHITE HAT. Go and watch the "Farewell to Rod Rosenstein" posted on youtube last thursday or friday. Barr, Sessions, etc. all praise the guy as one who follows the law and is beyond reproach. .Furthermore, I think Q's "If RR is Dirty, Mueller is Dirty". was purposeful dis info to throw off the DS (because we know they follow Q posts). RR is CLEAN...waiting to see if Mueller is clean or dirty. Either way, Rosenstein is not a black hat. Watch that farewell video and convince me otherwise.

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Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

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Doubt it in this case.

However, Comey is indeed a traitorous, treasonous snake.

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Rosenstein signed the last FISA renewal on Carter Page. DiGenova has already reported that Horowitz has found all 3 FISA renewals to have been obtained illegally.

He's a black hat who got caught at the end. He could be sent off with a round of applause and then indicted in a month. Watch and see.

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He probably signed it so the black hats would think he was one of them. Sorry, this is not checkers...it's 4D chess. All possibilities are still out there.

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SB2 Navy tweet today led to Marina's pic on Q drop again......This is the second time in a week they led to this. Is the Satanic Cult the target this week? My hunting skills are week.

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Sarah Carter: I don't know if your sending cryptic messages, just playing an April Fool's joke or seriously considering running for office @Comey I'm actually stunned that you continue to put out these very strange tweets considering all the information we are discovering about ur role at FBI

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Some spell Red Sox as Red Socks.

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Trump mentions the scores of a couple of the games... 1 - 0 (A)....then i think he says 6 and 9 in another game's score (F) and (I)...that right there gives 3 letters to spell FISA... id have to watch again