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Thanks for confirming the Denver False Flag and how the Deep State is getting desperate! It clear in the news and their need for terror and blood is obvious. Looking forward to the final takedown!

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Looking forward to the final takedown!

It's coming soon my friend! ;)

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https://youtu.be/A5L1q7Zydg8 (how to use the armor of GOD).

"they" are using the teachings of thoth.. the khabala and kybalion.. ( https://youtu.be/ZJZFeIPoswY)
say a protection prayer before you watch that)

anything of alchemy, and of hermes is the work of satan. they study and practice the occult teachings of hermes. by using vibrations and hertz.. "hurts" get it? .. the sound of screams, of crying , of pain..and most powerful for them is of children crying.. we can beat that with 417htz ( https://youtu.be/RQK5_hENKWU )

the only way to beat them is to stay bathed in light. and to dawn the armor of GOD..

just like how we can positivly and negativly affect living plants and animals. ( https://youtu.be/VKdf6QcLQ6Q ) "its not what you say, its how say it, means way more than people understand"

i tried to explain this in the chat of your videos, but it was disreaguarded,. its VERY IMPORTANT that this information gets out and is spread and understood FAR AND WIDE!

just like tesla stated " if the world knew 3 6 9" . nobody will teach you this unless they themselves have learned it and were saved from the darkside. mostly when one learns the 7 hermetic principles, they are too far gone into evil to want to bring GOD back in to their lives

i emplor your to watch all of those links.. and spread it to your viewers.

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Thanks. Will check them out...

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I decoded a tweet from potus the other day and the time stamp led me to Marina's pic on Q. I was looking for "who was behind shooting"? Thank you SB2

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Happy hunting!

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Your a good teacher!! But im still hunting, Navy tweet used HRC slogan "Stronger Together" tonight with a missing E in message. Time stamps lead me to a school shooting post and a special place in hell for soro's post? I can't find a Q post with a missing "E" or a potus tweet?? Can you help? Please?

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Ezra Cohen-Watnick Q

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Plot of Monsters, Inc. use children’s fear as energy.

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its hard to accept islam and its teaching of hate rape murder and world domination to infidels "which is anyone other than a islamic pig like themselves" where raping and murdering is legal in their cult. ill accept all other religions that love and get along with each other as human beings and not be sold as a sex slave raped or murdered or your children can be pawned off to some old pedophile and that's their beliefs and teaching so i will never accept them or any religion that dose that sorry that will never happen.

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Islame is not a religion but a political ideology bent on spreading hate ,fear, deception and death throughout this world. Definitely the military thugs of satans army.

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Yep i agree but until the people realize that and reject the whole evil cult i will never trust them,they are more than welcome in a nice peaceful faith that will take them where they want to go,heaven,instead of living in fear and hate in their cult,their fear will be our demise if we allow them here to take a foothold because the so called peaceful ones will turn us in out of fear for their self's and family's lives from the radicals,they will never stand up to them and denounce what they do and im not going to be the one trying to figuring out the good from the bad because the good can turn bad on you fast.and im not going to live in fear of them or which one is good or bad. but any way you have a Blessed Night Patriot

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"Do you see why our innocent children are their favorite targets? This is also why they hate Divine Truth: Living in Divine Truth allows your energy to vibrate at levels where they cannot digest it." Well stated Serialbrain!

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SB2 Will the Q918 reveal be expected in Trump's first term?

Thanks Patriot!

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Q1581 We left the decision on timing to him.

Patience! ;)

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Thanks Patriot!

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Great info SB2! Thank you!

This video is missing. It's only 1sec. I think it's a wrong link: "Let’s watch until 3:54:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zluScgN8V6A&feature=youtu.be&t=168

I watched that next video: "...you think you’ve seen enough" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnUag1HDpDk&feature=youtu.be HERO SPEAKS: Colorado Student Knocked Down Shooter

I watched closely, that kid kept looking at that guy (his father?). The kid kept looking to his right at the man, when a question was asked. Extremely suspicious. If the kid was there, why is he looking at the man to get answers? The man is his handler for sure.

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Great job again SB2. By the way, I suspect there is some message coming from Lord Rothschild in putting up the desk of Marie Antoinette for auction recently and his buying $400 chairs for one of his villas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZf5fbgoaWQ

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