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Thx SB2. Nice, concise summary of a complicated criminal attempt to take-down our great POTUS. Time for a Peruvian coffee.

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Sb2 your last 3 decodes are excellent, beyond comprehension through physical senses. God has gifted you to see and know in the spirit. Thank you for this excellent summary. God bless you and continue to use you to bless others with His mind. You are much appreciated and much thanked for.

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i love reading SB2 too but it makes me sick when i see that proven frauds name next to the word president because he was never a legal president and from his forged birth certificate he was never an American citizen to me or my wife.you have a great day.

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Never miss your post serialbrain, they are wonderful courses for the brain to digest on. Thanks a lot. A lot of us continue to pray for you, POTUS and the Q team.

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The only thing you're missing so far: the three you mention in the beginning aren't working with the UK government, they're working for the UK government.

That's right, Hill, Bill and Barry are all working for English Nationalists. Hell, most of the CIA (which Barry is apart of) are comprised of brits (Mormons too, like Romney).

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Why does UK want Russia to have monopoly on uranium?

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You tell me.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=p3mS-3-W0ig :

Former NSA Tech Director & Tomi Collins Explosive Report on Russian Lie - YouTube

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Thanks for this update! Great video too. It's happening!!!