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Another great decode SB!! Thank you so much for helping us understand Comey's tweets. We knew there was a coded message, but need you to tell us.

Grateful to hear that Comey's power is being removed. And grateful to you for your guidance.

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Could it be possible that Serial Brain2 is Q or part of Q's team. MI?

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I've thought someone close also.

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I don't know how anyone else figures this out! Too many coincidences! It's either educated guessing and uncertain veracity or he is inside and on the team. Could be the same purpose as Q. Disseminate information and slowly wake up...

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Thanks SB2. Your work is second to no one and you play a critical part shining light on all layers of Evil around us. The Great Awakening.

I have no doubt that Q-mil has been planning to save the world for many years. ThanQ. SB2, I look forward to all your great work/drops.

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SB is also implying OBL survived at least until the bush/kerry presidential election, while other rumors have OSB dying of an organ failure shortly after 9/11

Then there's the Pakistani presidential candidate assassinated after saying OBL was dead already way before O got him

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Serial Brain, both Comey and John Kerry dont look like they are too bright to be handlers at that level. Is that on purpose. Is this the deception...like Netenyahu's local bodyguards we see in pics wearing goofy/clownish caps.