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Not sure if I buy all SB2's detailed decodes, seems like a stretch, but then again there was some very important new information that was tied together in a powerful construct, Very powerful, and I think that his big picture construct that he deduced from his decodes is -- that "the plan" all along was to set up a domino effect -- that seems to ring true to me, and the dominoes do seem to be falling. This perspective is a very important contribution to our efforts to understand the current moment. I am extremely grateful. There is a reason why the Rothschild's are suddenly taking many (maybe all) of their banks private, and I believe inside Switzerland. We have not heard much from George Soros lately, have we? The thing is, nobody, especially the dirty black hats, knows what Trump is going to do next. The Deep State has lost control of both the process and the narrative. Their "firewall" has crumbled. The people in New Zealand are not turning in their guns. Brexit is not going away. The yellow vests in France, are not intimidated. It turns out Occasional Cortex is not very popular in her home district. The twice shafted Bernie Sander's Millennial brigade has morphed and come back as the in your face "justice wing" of the Democrat Party. They are not going along with the "big tent" tradition. They don't care. So my point is, the Democrats themselves are like a string of dominoes about to fall. And then, one way or another, "the wall" is going to be built. Once it is built and there are not more illegal workers getting through, the RINO Koch Brothers are going to have to negotiate with Trump for real and lasting immigration reform. It is coming. I am not tired of winning. I don't think I ever will be. So, knowing what is going on makes my pop corn more enjoyable. Thanks.