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Deep as usual ;) Amazing brain you've got there. Thanks for the decode @SerialBrain2 ! God speed Patriot.

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You do have a way with words.

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Thank you for posting this here!


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Thank you SB2. That was a lot of important info. California bullet train; all a lie for money to build underground tunnels for child and human trafficking. Trump team cornered Dems, exposing them as socialists, anti-semite, infanticide, open boarders ... And controlled opposition. My spirit never allowed me to follow Alex Jones, Ann Coulter and Jerome Corsi. It seemed strange that Bill Maher said he liked Ann Coulter and brought her on his show. That sent up red flags. So hope they are some of the sealed indictments, including Mitt Romney. And what's with Ted Cruz thinking of voting against President Trump's Emergency Order?

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And what's with Ted Cruz thinking of voting against President Trump's Emergency Order?

Excellent question. And how about his stance on grounding Boeing planes? Soon...

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Always a pleasure to read your findings SB2 ! Must say "fast" to me made me think "pulling a fast one!" Pretty much sums it up in less interesting ways;) Aj did make me think but as soon as he started with aliens flat earth etc I knew he was compromised . Thing is we've been coming back and repeating things. We are finding ( they have found) technology , architecture artefacts etc from when WE were here before NOT aliens etc! We are stuck in a loop , this is our 3rd time here. Reckon we can sort it this time as don't think the sharing of knowledge worldwide has been done quite like this before? We do not have much time for sure but we got Sirius nearer and that IS influential and has been in history, check it out. Also , while I'm here , our pineal is possibly part of the keystone thing. When we are fully functioning it is perky and we have our constant electrical connection , like how the earth moves. A torus. Michael Angelo painted the cloak around God on the Sistine chapel ceiling, in the shape of our brain !

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Yeh, the pineal is key for sure. Make sure you research into fluoride, they put it in toothpaste.

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Excellent work once again SB!

Not long ago I was reading about the shadow party created by Soros, Clinton and Podesta. I had no idea that Jane Fonda was a member too. It makes sense, but I had no idea she was still active in the resistance.

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Excellent as usual and thanks! I did notice that your reference to Ephesians 6 - where you said it was KJV - the version Q posted was not the KJV ... I wish it would've been ... Kind of a stickler for that kinda thing ... :)