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I like it. I was afraid to open the submission because I wasn't sure if my vaccinations were up to date. Now I hope those to whom I spread it have NOT been sufficiently vaccinated against truth.

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Lol don’t give your kids the facts vaccine. That’s the one to pass on

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The world keeps trying to force that vaccine on 'em and I keep trying to overwhelm the vaccine. They got a fairly overwhelming case of Truth before leaving home. Seems to be fighting off the vaccine pretty well right now; there's a lot of truth-vaccine out there, though, and many anti-anti-vaxers. Stay alert. Be blessed.

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From Q to you... you are the news now!! ThanQ

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Here's an alternative source for the image if anyone needs it: https://postimg.cc/rznyTgxm

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Love it! Q's gone straight over the "Media's" head! They don't get it! Well they do, they just pretend they dont.

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Thank God we have Q! Thank God we have President Trump, his team, his military, intelligence, and Divine Intervention! MSM has run its course and will never recover from their shoddy performance! #WWG1WGA #MAGA #KAG #Qanon Blessings to all who fight the fight!

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Becasue? 😂 😛

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Awesome pic !!

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Strang Q ball ! lol More true would be smacking them in the face.

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