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I sure am glad we have you on our side Serialbrain. You help a lot of patriots understand a lot of the complexities in the Q posts

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I'll just leave this here. Trump has a book titled "Think Like a Billionaire". In it, he talks about how "the stock market is a rigged game". I'm pretty sure that is an exact quote but I don't have the book in front of me right now. The point is, that section of his book is very similar to some of the stuff SB2 is saying here about the movie 21 etc.

SB2 you may want to look at that book unless you have already.

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Am I the only one that thinks that it might be possible that serialbrain is a member of the Q team that has been sent to the boards to help us laymen fully understand the Q postings ?? Just a thought !!!

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If you've read SB2's other post, then you'll see that SB2 is Q as you and I are Q!

The ARCHIVED POSTS of SERIALBRAIN2: https://www.serial.rocks/

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Excellent post, SB2! My only remaining wish is that those evil psychopaths are removed from society forever.

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I wonder. When psychopaths reproduce, is their DNA passed on ?

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Thank you SB2!

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Thanks SB2. Always appreciate your work.

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ThanQ you sb2.

Sb2 is the Q for the patriotic dumb asses like me.

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