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Thank You Serial Brain. Majestic 12 revealed DJT is majestic and is one of 12 since 2004. This all fits with your decodes. Never wanted look this deep but here we are

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Glad to see your post, my friend. Looking forward to tomorrow. :)

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Found some info on occult use of fleur de lis "...In europe, the Fleur De Lis is often seen on family Crests of wealthy families with satanic bloodlines, denoting their allegiance. But the symbol is actually much older than that, going back to ancient Mesopotamia and the tower of babel. Like many prominent symbols the Fleur De Lis is also a “sigil” used for summoning the spiritual presence of a certain fallen entity or entities. A calling card if you will. The specific satanic entities conjured by the Fleur De Lis, might be surprising to some, it’s a certain class of “E.T’s” seen in “alien” abduction accounts. Strange looking demons."

Another source to digRosicrucians I'll tackle that tomorrow. long day!

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Wow, is what happened to the democrat party? AOC? I keep saying they have lost their minds.

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Collective minds.

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Trump has ALL the evidence...Timing is the KEY.

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Why so much complexity to convey the message?

What's the point?

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The proofs

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These people are Stupid, I don’t think so. Just look how Stupid Satan must be to continue these ridiculous games attempting to manipulate man to win an impossible battle against a superior God. This time might be even more humiliating for him as his loss will be brought by nothing other than the will of that stupid man, as this is how I believe God wants it. satan a lesser god, humiliated by the mere mortal man. Inspired only with a little insider knowledge, and why shouldn’t we be given that much, look how much satan has hidden from us. Bye satan, talk about a shitskin.

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We've got to be saying bye to Google real soon too - surely we must .... Here's a leaked Google video showing "thought plans" for giant labor/mind slave camps. Think Soviet gulags and Nazi concentration camps ... https://twitter.com/RT_Doc/status/1102598680262131713/video/1

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