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I have been saying literally for decades that we are being ruled over by entities that are not even Human -

and have been looked at like I am a bit crazy ( which I assure you I am not )

But realistically , clear your mind of disbelief and any indoctrinated prejudgement , and its the only conclusion that makes any real sense of the horrific way that we Humans have been controlled and abused for aeons

Sick , Evil , Baby-eaters and Sacrificers - that is not part of any natural Human makeup .

They are Demonic Creatures of some sort that we can only guess about their origins

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Had similar thoughts. Not saying it's logical but it sure fits in the logical chain of events. It goes back to that Ephesians quote "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Now, take the dogma and religion out of that quote and read it for what it is. It states exactly that. I have long thought that maybe whatever this "is" it is not flesh but supernatural. Totally with you. It sounds batshit but it has real truth.

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Amen Brother. Even so, come Lord. Wipe the planet clean. We must save as many as possible. Love will lead us. Thank you God for the Peacemaker Donald J. Trump your instrument in ushering in our Rapture.

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Fallen Angels who bred with humans see: Book of Enoch and Acts 7 New Testament. They created a 'religion' of human sacrifice (Moloch, Baal, Mithra) to systematically exact revenge on Man created in God's Image. They think to gain immortality but that is the original sin, the lie of Satan to Eve that she could be equal to our Creator. It is a lie, and their path leads to the second death and a reckoning before the entire Universe. This settles the question of God's supreme reign of Love.

Seems we are seeing that played out in our world right now. 'Watch the wives'

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Attending a satanic ritual with the Devil present, (having the attitude "when in Rome do what the Romans do" is a very stupid thing to do) where a child is sacrificed and everyone eats and drinks its blood -- that changes a person forever. You cannot ever go back to what you were before. You are seared. You become literally "possessed" by the Devil. You become pure evil, and you have no control or say in what you say or do. You look like the same person you always were, but you are no longer you. The old you, still inside your body, can hear the words that come out of your own mouth, but you have no control over what you do or say. It is like you are trapped in a prison. What the world sees is no longer you. Pure evil, pretending to be who you used to be. I know this because I had a friend who was studying Arthur Ford and became possessed by the Devil -- he ended up in a mental institute. A church was able to pray for him and exorcise him. These kinds of rituals are going on near Tuscon, Denver, Springfield, LA. Not only do these evil demons have to be executed for their very real capital crimes, their host bodies have to be cremated, and their houses, clothes, cars, whatever have to be burned by fire. This is serious stuff.

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Actually Patriot, you can go back to the light. The Devil wants you, but you have the ability to go back to the light.

Read the book, Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill. It's an awesome read, and you'll show how the devil works. Once you understand how the devil works, you can stay in the light

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Well said my Friend. Best wishes Roy Belfast N I

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I've been grappling with these possibilities over the last year and a half following Q. Our greatest strength I feels lies not in being an army of woke redpillers, but an Army of God. Pray like crazy, everyday and more!

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For many, our instincts, turns out were correct even though we have been constantly ridiculed by our friends and families. We are the true pioneers in this regard.

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All anyone has to do is read the Bible. It’s funny how it all ties together.

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Majestic12 has been saying the same on twitter feed. I follow them daily. Since Q said "We are not alone". Potus refers to Portals. Alice and wonderland, the looking glass. Future proves past. Majestic 12 helps explain all of this. Thank You SB2

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Excitotoxins such as MSG and aspartame keep humans just as keyed up and anxious as the MSM news desks. Easy way to control and dis-empower humans is to keep them anxious and confused.

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Get rid of the fluoride in your water and toothpaste. Reverse osmosis systems worth every penny. https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/9-shocking-dangers-of-fluoride/ not a sales pitch. We are blessed with spring fed water. Thank you God. Amen

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I just discovered boron as a way to detox from the fluoride in our water. Fluoride destroys your pineal gland and parathyroid. Here's a simple way to rid your body of fluoride -- and it is inexpensive.


Here's some background:


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you're an excitotoxin

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WOW so intense! Thanks Serial Brain 2!!!

I'm ready to go all the way! Q's tripecodes links to books. One of the book I read talked about an intelligent life form Reptilian in nature, that dominated a certain part of the universe. They were in constant war with other races.

Long story short, big war, humans lost, all scattered throughout the universe b/c their part of the universe got destroyed. Some humans came here, Reptilians was already here [Dinosaur age], big war, nobody was winning, truce was called.

Truce was accepted. In return, new race was created (us), mixed dna of approx 12 races dna. Reptilian was dominant (our core brain is ... reptilian brain!). They did about 4 or 6 trials of creating humans, and us is the last test (hence why if you go back in history there's different types of humans). We never ever came from monkeys.

Reptilians thought they would win, but little did they know, we humans are designed with a greater brain, the neo cortex (this evolves on top of reptilian brain). Over time, with greater awareness, consciousness, through our third eye, we evolved.

Reptilians live underground. If you look it up, there's MASSIVE amount of underground MILITARY bases, that we know of. Not to mention any other underground living areas.

Humans are literally, food to these Reptilians. Reptilians use broadcasting technology to brainwash the mass. Theory is one from Saturn, the big one, and the moon boosts the signal. Hence why awhile back there was the Q wave, looks like Q is taking control of the broadcasting machine.

We humans are considered royalty to the Aliens. Not sure why. We're in deep trouble, because our combined consciousness is so weak and black. They need us to raise our awareness, so we can go with them to a greater level of consciousness.

If we don't, we'll make a black hole and be sucked into another universe.

ps These families, they all interbred with each other. They are more reptilian dna than us human dna. They can be controlled more easily, because they are more reptilian brain, their brain works that way because they don't have a neo cortex. Lately the Royal family have been having problems with too much interbreeding, that's why they've started to go more outside their direct family line.

Remember Princess Diana? Rumor has it that she saw what the Royal family is, and was so scared for her life. They tried to mind control her. At the end, she planned to escape, but her life was cut short. How she died, the place where she died, the duration of the time of crash to her time of death was long, all there if you care to research into the data.

Full story from the book: d74be4 1 Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race by Len Kasten

Q's tripecode linking to books: https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F1JdmOflfk8W6WrcpIQVUPubqTCHGOAIXI5eLpR1YEk/edit#gid=33856877

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