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The teachings of Jesus. Love forgiveness.. Allah Mullins? Kill

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Just think...What would it have been like if Abraham had believed the angel and waited for Sarah to get pregnant and not taken his handmaiden? He would have only had one child populating the earth instead of two, and the generations that followed would not have been warring for centuries. Or what if Hagar had not run away, but instead felt welcome? Oh well, God is in control.

That was tongue in cheek, by the way. Just a goofy observation.

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Not so goofy. I've thought of that as well. Both received promises from God. Promises to Abram went to Ishmael and promises to Abraham went to Isaac. There is one huge difference between the promises. To Abraham and thus Isaac God promised that he would be their God. God didn't promise that to Ishmael.

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Abraham was not the father of all the races as you seem to suggest that two children populated the earth. Hagar's child was the father of the true Arabs and as such are considered a semitic people. Sarah on the other hand had Isaac who continued the line of the HEBREWS only which are also semitic. Sadly political correctness in the Churches deceived many and ministers, pastors and priests do not understand what the Scriptures really say. I will attempt to give you a quick explanation, firstly go back to Genesis 1:27-28, where God created flesh being in His likeness and image and commanded them to REPLENISH the earth. That was the sixth day. Now its very important to remember that Adam had not been created yet. On the seventh day God rested. In Gen 2:4 the word generations is from the Hebrew word YALAD and Greek GENEMMA which means diverse pedigrees. Ahh did a light spark in your mind? Gen. 2:5 speaks of the things that were planted and had not caused moisture to come up into the ground. (The word rain is a mistranslation.) And there was not A man to till the ground. This is when we understand that the Lord Yahweh needed a farmer to look after the garden. Remember that on the 6th day male and female already existed, as such, the Lord had to create something new. The word MAN to till the ground is the Hebrew word 'Eth HaAdam" the first time that this word appears. Now jumping to after the murder of Abel by Cain, Gen. 4:14 tells us in the last sentence, "and it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me shall slay me. If there is only Adam and Eve on the earth, why is Cain worried about "everyone", sounds like a lot of people. In the Septuagint which is the original Greek translation of the Old Testament/Torah the word everyone was not used, what was said "if any man findeth me". These are the peoples created on the 6th day which by Cain's lifetime had grown into a large population. That is why when Cain went to the land of NOD he found a wife, where did she come from? Anyway, she bare Cain a son and he was named Enoch, Then Cain built a great city and named it after his son Enoch. Remember there are two Enochs in the Bible. The question here is how did Cain build a city with only his wife???? The only possible way was the large population that already existed in the land of wandering, known as NOD. I asked that same question to my teacher when I was eight years old and she had no idea. No one knew until I earned several degrees in advanced theology and learned the truth that few pastors/ministers ever learn. Finally, consider how several protagonists in the bible are referred to, "Going into the way of Cain". These are all the admixture of peoples decended from the line of Cain, who hate the Christian nations.

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That is super interesting. Thanks.

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Good research!

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It is treason to love or help our God's enemies. 2 John 1:7, 9-11 and 2 Chronicles 19:2b. If your preacher teaches that we must love our enemies he is right. If he teaches that we must love or help God's enemies he is teaching treason to our Lord and King Yahweh God. If you don't have the Son, you don't have the Father. Those who reject the Son are enemies of God. They may be our enemy, but more importantly they are the enemy of our God. 2 Corinthians 6:14-17.

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The one qualification for this good article is the word ethnos. It means nation/race. The context decides whether they are foreign or not. In some cases the translators put the Latin word Gentile in place of ethnos/nation. Gentile means nation/kin and once again the context determines whether the nation is foreign or not. Gentile does not mean non-Jew as churches have changed the meaning over the last 50+ years. In a few instances in the new testament based on context those "Gentiles" were Israelites of the ten tribed house of Israel.

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You are absolutely correct, however ethnos, laos, okhlos and glossa in the same sentence clearly conveys the idea of a foreign and non-native rabble of people.

The word gentile never refers to Christians in the New Testament. As you also correctly point out gentile does not mean non-Jew, as I say CHURCHIANITY (my term for organized Christianity} has changed the meaning ever since the publishing of the New King James Version. The word Jew is an English nickname refering to those who CLAIM to be descended from the house of Judah. Nonetheless, the Gospel was spread around the world by Christians who were all descended of not just the ten tribed House of Israel, all 12 of them. Remember, that in the area of 721 BC, the Assyrians invaded not only the kingdom of the northern 10 tribes of Israel, they also took every town and city in Judah and Benjamin except for Jerusalem. Nonetheless, members of all 12 tribes were deported to the north and west to act as a buffer against the Hittite kingdom. That is why later in Biblical history, James writes to the "twelve tribes scattered abroad", brethren who are Christians. As for the word gentile, it is from the classical Latin word, gentilis which is simply defined as "non Roman citizen" and has no place in the New Testament being that the original Greek codex does not use the word. Nevertheless, the word can be applied to non-Christians. The King James Bible has over 2200 translational errors, some are minor, however, some English words missed the mark completely, as such we must always refer to the original ancient languages.

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The GOOD LORD only gave us two cheeks...coalates with "Three strikes and you're out", after that IT IS ON!!! Especially, when you try to mess with GOD or JESUS or kids...

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we need to be like Vlad.Vlad stuck pikes up their asses & made a wall on his border. be Vlad. seriously.

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