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I absolutely believe they are responsible for the death of these heroes and should be hung in public televised world-wide for all to see.


[–] 1954ThePen 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Brilliant idea. How about Monster Truck "drawn and quartered" on pay per view, a "deplorable" jamboree? Actually, I think all convicted of treason should be preserved in clear acrylic blocks and put on permanent display at the new "Traitors Museum" which will occupy the "former" UN building, after we dissolve this globalist pig farm. A-chrome Slushy anyone? How about some Piney Poofs? "These people are sick." Q


[–] Darstradamus ago 

Think Futurama. Remember all of the president's heads in jars? This time we'll keep them dead and on