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do not worry Patriots, MI has their number.

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I’m sick of those guys too. If it didn’t go against ever fibre in my body I would set up a Twatter account. There’s no doubt I would be banned after my first reply. I’m actually really surprised they haven’t banned POTUS yet.

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I think that there could be some real problems for Twitter if they tried because of the COVFEFE act. They would be interfering with official government communications and records.   Covfefe Act: H.R.2884 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)-- [Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement Act of 2017 or the COVFEFE Act of 2017]  


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Upvote for explaining Covfefe, Patriot! I couldn’t for the life of me figure why people were using that; acronym as it turns out. Now I can use it and not fear that I won’t be able to explain it!


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They shpuld try to use it against spam from those Twitter trolls.

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HOLY COW! That's HUGE! Thank you!

Was it really set up AFTER he tweeted that? It would seem to prevent Jack the Pump and Dump satanist from cutting off the President's Twatter.

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Yeah that Eugene guy is relentlessly attacking every potus tweet like his ego depends on it.

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Anyone notice this? "See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!" of tears. Heh.

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The two Krassenstein bro's are a pair of paid for criminals


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Jacob Wohl is black propaganda too. His tweets make him seem unbalanced and unhinged. He is a tweenie with a shady past and was behind the fake rape assault accusations against Mueller.

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"I watched the movie. I liked that it portrayed Dick Cheney as what he is really is: An American Hero" Jacob Wohl

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Twitter banned me for life, twice. I don't think they like my views..

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haha Ditto. I told @Jack what I thought of him. Banned for life until I create another IP address. ;)

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Yeah they were kind of annoyed at me as well lol

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Yeah. Both Gateway Pundit and Breitbart have banned my comments. If I had a Twatter I bet they would ban me too.

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Dr. Eugene Gu is a bot. He's always the first to respond to Trump's tweets.

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