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Thank you. I immediately caught Trump's tie & started to wonder about pelosi's jewelry along with AS siting with all the white robed women. All was very odd. What impressed me was the amount of support given to Trump by the republicans - rinos included. Then mcconnell looked very annoyed (along with the military) & Trump appeared to ignore mcconnell when Trump was leaving the room. Also, interesting was who showed up from the supreme court.

pelosi seemed genuinely clapping for some of Trump's comments & then looked confused the rest of the time. pelosi kept looking through the papers Trump gave her at the beginning of the speech like she was trying to find notes as to what she should be doing; stand, sit, smile, clap. I had a feeling the pages were not numbered (which would have been fun on Trump's part) & she could not find her marching orders within the document. Trump even stated when the white robed women stood up that they were not supposed to be standing at that point. (Gotta love our President.)

Seems like the new female democrats could do their own rendition of "Mean Girls" - but the congress version.

Again - all very odd - but we seem to be living in a very odd time.

Thanks again - without Q+, Q & you all this would be even more scary then it is . . . . God Bless you . . .

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Thank you SB2!! Amazing as always!

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Thank you, sb2!! Amazing assessment as always.

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Trying to upvote will not allow me to?!

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Until you get a certain number of upvotes to your comments, (100, I think), you only get 10 upvotes a day, you also get some dumbass alert saying, "you must be new here". and of course there is no way to say FY. I lost my password so I'm starting over, what a pain. Just saw you've been here 5 months, so I don't know.

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You probably maxed out your upvote. I got you covered.

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OMG, One of my very favorite decodes SB!!

That tie and necklace were bugging the crap out of me! The tie appears to move to the left on it's own too (less than 1 minute after the dem handshake).

And thanks for the link to China and control over the media. I should have known this, they control H-wood too!!


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Thank you! Try to follow this China lead, you will see all sorts of very interesting thing. Happy hunting!

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Thanks SB!!

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SB, have you read High-Level Anon's 8chan posts from 2016-2017? He mentions China a lot.

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Thanks, so much @SerialBrain2 ! I knew you'd come through and explain his tie and her necklace! LOL. So happy you did too! Great post as usual.


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Always thankful for your posts, you always come at the opportune time giving us answers to our silent questions. I have learned so much from reading your decodes of 2 years, almost like going back to school. Thank you. God richly bless you.

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Great analysis of the SOTU! Thank you!

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Brilliant again SB2, thank you. You embody 'Darkness to Light'.

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