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This is why it is taking so long to take the Deep State down. You don't take down something this deeply entrenched, that's been in power that long, overnight. It takes time. The original plan was to use military force to take the Deep State down by force but that would have plunged this country into chaos, so they're using the system to take them down. How do you work within a system that's corrupt? You remove those who make the system corrupt, and that's what Trump has been doing.

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You’re right Patriot. This battle to take down the DS has been going on for decades! Trump being elected as POTUS and Q coming into the public eye has been the first time this battle has been publicized.

I for one think that the Alliance is winning and we’re close to the DS takedown, and hopefully full disclosure of their activities, both on planet and off, suppressed technologies and abundance for humanity.


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SerialBrain2, we all have the mind of Christ but you use your portion to the utmost. I hear the Lord saying ‘ Well done good and faithful son ‘. We in the body, the movement, appreciate your portion. We pray for you that you continue to glorify the Lord by your commitment of your talents to build and encourage us.

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Thank you so much for your prayers. Much appreciated! God Bless.

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I was thinking the same thing. God gives us all gifts. It's up to us to use them properly.

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Serial Brain at your finest again! Just awesome! I just get jittery when I see a new post! Thank you so much for sharing your brainiac knowledge with us! Can’t wait til Roger Stone info! And you said it best! With God’s permission and help! Divine Intervention is making all this happen for the millions of us who love our country and are praying morning, noon, and night!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you! WWG1WGA!

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Serialbrain, do you ever sleep? This kind of decoding has to take some time to execute, and you are extremely good at it. I'm one who can't wait for the next decode. A very informative post, thanks again.

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another very informative post. thank you.

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WOW, all I can say is WOW. SerialBrain2 you never cease to amaze me. Thank You and God Bless.

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OH LORD GOD JESUS....HELP US....PLEASE FORGIVE US.......Thank YOU LORD for leading me to Q. Thank YOU LORD for Serial Brain 2....THANK YOU Q. THANK YOU EVERYBODY THAT IS A PATRIOT AND LOVES THE LORD. I got a headache after trying to absorb all of this............

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Beautiful.Thank you.Best wishes Roy Hull Belfast N I

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