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This is starting to get creepy - I am almost beginning to believe in time travel. So many things POTUS has said years ago have been right on mark.

Well, I guess when you are intelligent and dealing with those communist dems, it is pure logical thinking.

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Trump knows the deep states plan inside and out.

It's not hard to predict something like this either even if you dont.

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Yeah Tony Romo has been predicting plays all year.

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It's not hard to predict something like this either even if you dont.

Well I do - that was my conclusion (last sentence)...

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Time Traveling Trumps (1:29:15)


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Whe I started watching this I figured there is no way in hell im going to spend 1-1/2 hours watching, Once I started it, I couldnt turn it off! Wild crazy stuff.. Thanks.. Very well could be true. Something tells me Barron is going to be a huge figure in our future !

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This is a great video. The section where he talks about the Simpsons and Matt Groening alone is one reason to watch the video.

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Potus just traveled in the social circles of the left. he was invited to cocktails where the honest views of the left were shared. The guy has had to listen to this crap for 50 years at one point he might of even shared the views but over time changed. Most of his getting along had to do with him knowing that if they did not see him as libral and supporting the Clinton crime syndicate the would destroy him.

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How fucked up is this country, we have PETA, THE HUMANE SOCIETY, and a plethora of other animal rights groups. But there is no Humane Society for humans including the unborn. Would someone, anyone give a person an answer. How in God's name did animals take more compassion than one human to another. God created us in his likeness, but now women decides when a baby's life is important. Playing the part of God is never a good idea.

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Kill a dog-Go to jail..Kill a Human baby get a prize. If a person murders a Pregnant Woman and baby also dies- 2 counts of murder, nuy if a Woman has a baby killed (Now even after birth in some states) she walks free... She and Doctor should be presecuted for Murder !

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Not so sure this isn't just another part of the movie! My wife's friends have mostly been pro chioce, but this has gone to far for them to support. I believe this is going to move a lot of moderate Democrat woman to start questioning the left. They are virtually imploding their own party.

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I sure as hell hope so !!!

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He knew he was going to cut off their baby supply and they would have to resort to late term abortions for parts.

Give steps ahead!

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Not only that, The claimed Doctors could say they are aborting these las minute babies, but actually secretly keep them alive for satanic slaves/Puppets.

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Yep, adrenochrome levels peak just prior to birth. Late term abortions yield the most potent and sought after adrenochrome for the elite.

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And don't forget the need to supply the latest craze among the elites, Young Blood Transfusions.

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Killary "That kind of scare rhetoric is terribly unfortunate".. Decoded= How the hell did Trump already know our satanic plans & how dam dare he tell the entire world the truth ?

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I remember this.

Here's the thing - it's not the government dictating anything - it's the baby. When we outlaw abortion, it's the baby speaking - not the government. The baby WANTS TO LIVE. The BABY IS SPEAKING.

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The Cult of Baal needs its child blood sacrifices. This is nothing new but only one more step to reinstating Baal worship openly. This has been going on for thousands of years. Dig, fags. The Cult doesn't give a rats ass if you believe in Heaven or Hell.

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After Jesus returns in the clouds for rapture the NWO kill switch will be flipped and it all will not only come out in the open completely (more so than it already is with the trannyism and blatant pedophilia in the media) but it will be mandated and believers in Jesus who werent raptured will be beheaded for their faith. Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

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I think believeing blood sacrifices is to narrow of a Suspicion, Realize how many thousands upon thousands of Brainwashing slaves this would give the evil doers! They could easily say that an abortion was carried out, then just walk away with a live baby without the mother knowing, Slave race

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@moblodite Another good point I hadn't even considered. Man, your getting good at this LOL.

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I'm convinced, I do believe Donald J Trump is a prophet because he's said somethings years ago that has come to pass within the last few years. There's no way anyone could know that type of stuff except God show him.

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That is because DJT is God's anointed leader for such a time as this. God will not let him be stopped. Pray and watch the movie.Read Mark Taylor's prophecies about DJT and you will know the future of America. go to www.sordrescue.com

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Thanx I've been following Mark for a few years now along with Kim Clement (God rest his soul) who prophesied as early as 2007 that Trump would become a trumpet the 45th POTUS. He prophesied about NKorea, China, Russia, California and they would even say impeach & soo much more.

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The ability to see the future ! Think tesla. Looking glass!

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Yes I just saw the video and I'm open minded at this point that anything is possible

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