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Try being a Christian and following the 10 Ten Commandments in Corporate America or in Government.
The World rejoices when Christians are murdered.


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They hate Jesus why would they not hate his followers. We are in the end times where many will be killed for the faith.

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I hate them back. Their amoeba-brained opinions are as important as a shit-stained dingleberry to me. Wipe it off and flush it.

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Why it's Time to Stand and Keep on Standing!

Good Over Evil!

Light to Dark!

Pray for Every Patriot and Targeted Warfare Against those who are Preying!


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Thee Delusioned ones are now forcing, that which is not natural in God's World, upon the God fearing People of America. There is no place to hide. There is no other country in the world to find shelter. Abraham Lincoln said in his debate with Stephen Douglas, We can not remain half free and half slave, We will be either all one or all the other.

Comparing today to Lincoln's time, the similarities are striking. Look at the Supreme Court rulings then versus recent years. Look at the election...... If not for Lincoln winning would America had become all Slave? If Trump would not have won would America had become Slave. It is yet to be determined if America will have a Civil War, but at least We the People know what is at stake. So did America back in 1958. I dare say We just may be at that same station again.

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In a month of wearing a MAGA hat I've gotten 1 compliment. It was from a black guy saying I needed a shirt to go with it that says build the wall. For further clarification I'm a white guy.

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Awesome! There are more of us out there!

Many are still afraid to be vocal!

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There is no fear in truth. I still struggle overcoming some programming. Just have to put yourself out there and speak truth.

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We should wear a headscarf with a maga hat on top!

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Maybe we should make that a Thing!

Can you Imagine their confusion and dismay?

What to do, what to do! We hate Trump and MAGA. ..but, but, it's one of those headscarves we've tried to make Trendy?

So. . .Torn!

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Thanks, I needed the laugh. Well written.

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We should all wear our MAGA hats everywhere we go all across America in support of our President... If enough patriots did this the crazy dimms would back off...

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My husband and I just talked about getting them now that the demonrats are “triggered” by a dang patriotic hat!!

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Hi , GolfinGirl ! welcome Home !

didnt see u for a longer time here , r U okay ? i hope so !!!

Gods Bless and Love .

WWG1WGA ! ALL ! edie

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I believe Many more Are wearing them!

You'd Never know it from the Tell a Vision Box nor those Airwaves from the radio frequencies as satan is the prince and power of the air!

That's okay, we know God's Army and we Know Who backs our POTUS! WWG1WGA

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They won't back off. Their's is a mental illness.

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Then don't wear the scarf. duh The scarf that represents Muslim oppression of women, that headscarf? She should be afraid. We don't accept that bullshit in America and she's right, I will harass people with untenable beliefs. Tough shit. She should feel shame for believing in the religion of death and trying to push it on the rest of us. No assimilation, no right to be in America.

I know many Muslims who are not under Sharia Law and they are kind, intelligent people, that said I REFUSE TO clarify every 83 minutes when they kill another innocent to separate the radicals from the normies. Muslims need to stand AGAINST SHARIA Law. If they don't they are in effect abetting these Child rapists(dancing boys), women and gay torturers/murderers, neck-bearded stanky ass, barbarians. Dangerous animals need to be PUT DOWN.

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Damn, i commute by bicycle and I wear a shemagh on any cold day below 62°F to keep from being sick. I have two (made in Palestine) just in case I forget my beanie. I’m a white male in my early 30s and I’ve got balls to wear the oppositions shit, grow a pair, be American about it, or take your scarf wearing ass out of here.

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you shouldn't feel safe...we are going to eliminate islam

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Dont know why she wouldnt feel safe! Its not open season yet.

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