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As always, very interesting. Thank You @SerialBrain2!

Armor of God ✓

Thanking God every day for the protection ✓

Prayers for Wisdom and Decernment ✓

Belief in Jesus The Christ ✓

Guidance by the Holy Spirit ✓

(Not necessarily in that order).


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SB2 bring LIGHT to a once DARK world. The Golden Brain. I am a mere Pinky to his Brain (cartoon).

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LOL @DannoPa we all have our strengths and equally as important. Especially when it comes to the body of Christ. WWG1WGA remember 😉

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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places... Ephesians 6:12.

Sb2, I am thankful you know the Word of God. No wonder you have wisdom but not the wisdom of this world. Thank you again for your excellent insight.

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Thank you for this Reminder from our Bible. This is what it's all about!

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When SerialBrian2 first mentioned 'ailens' I immediately thought demons and putting on the WHOLE Armor of God. Zammyanci and VQTmom said it better. 😘

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Thanks. And according to Rev 12:11, we overcome the enemy/enemies by the Blood of the Lamb and our Word of testimony. I am more careful of the words that come out of my mouth, I try to speak only victory which our Lord purchased for us on Calvary. That is why I love Sb2, his decodes are always encouraging and uplifting.

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So truly thankful to God to add another soldier to my list. WWG1WGA Count it all Joy Patriot.

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SB2 Brilliant, a round of Peruvian coffee for the house and add a well-iced, slightly chilled piece of cake to boot.

Your timing on this gem of a drop was well needed for us anons. I can't wait for your Q749 decode. I'm racing for the drop.

Thanks Patriot and fantastic work. WWG1WGA

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I can't wait for your Q749 decode.

Coming soon. Tank you! ;)

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May I know from where "OFF THE TABLE"=100 comes from? There is a jump/gap in the prologue/introduction/earlier part. I was strictly following the information available in this post only.

Thank you.

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It comes from assigning a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet. One system is called simple gematria and it consists of assigning to each letter, its position in the alphabet. This is the one used in the post. You get: A=1, B=2, C=3... Z=26. Then, you have online tools to make these calculations and help you identify matches:

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I understand the part about gematria, assigning numbers to letters or phrases, but what puzzle me was, I didn't find any phrase on "OFF THE TABLE" in Trump's tweet that you quoted in the beginning of your post. Unless you are refering to the case of Trump & Pence suddenly removing the water bottle from the table from last year. Again, I was trying to find if you did reference this drop but couldn't, hence the puzzled question of how the value 100 comes about. Thanks.

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Sounds so bazaar. So glad that Trump and the Q team is taking it to them. Best not to put your attention on these things for us normies. Even watching a video or looking into the eyes of these witches and warlocks makes us vulnerable to attacks of this negativity. Our Attention is very important. Keep our attention on our families, God and our spiritual ascent and just watch this fight play out like a movie. This is the Best advise to stay our own master.. but if you feel like your not in control, having strange dreams and desireing impure things, Say the Lord’s Prayer. Say it Just once like you mean it and then ask Jesus by his authority to remove any impure entity from your consciousness.

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but if you feel like your not in control, having strange dreams and desireing impure things. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Just once like you mean it and then ask Jesus by his authority to remove any impure entity from your consciousness.

@Jsmyogi Thank you Patriot Extremely effective and valuable advice. Most have no idea just how much power they have over evil.

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Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

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Trust the Plan Patriot and keep a full field of vison...don't fall into EVIL's trap to "look here, no there no over there" ...think for yourself. There are many dimensions to this chess board and Q n POTUS are masters at chess. Hold the lIne.

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You got me on edge! Can't wait to find out why he picked 21! Seems like lots of code recently in POTUS tweets... Popcorn, please!

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Absolutely exceptional analysis and decoding skills. I only wish I had the time to apply myself to learning this. Although I can't yet think it through to arrive anywhere near your level, I am able to follow your reasoning as to how it's done. I've been following your posts since you started and it all makes sense as you explain. I think it's very gracious of you to share your thought process with all of us Deplorables out here, I look forward to your next post.

Thank you very much for what you do.

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