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Anti-Jew shill central.

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Is it the Japanese, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese...or Eskimos that hold a virtual world wide monopoly on the pornography business? No.

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Wow, it is just a bunch of devil worshipping ingrates. Race has nothing to do with it.

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Could they have made a law that allowed individual states to fund their own wall?

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Hey if the RIF don't work, look at all the money lost from civil servants sitting around surfing porn every day?

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I am not into any kind of porn however, this is ridiculous, that would be the beginning of losing our freedoms.

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How can you tax something that is free?

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oy vey this is anutha shoah!! I hope they dont think about taxing my synagogue too! Hateful Nazi's!!! shalom, praise baby dick blood and israel

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Fuckin' A man.

You did so well you attracted the downvoats.

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Jewish porn,, who the fuck wants to see a bunch of Jews mounting one another